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To: Governor Mike DeWine; Stephanie McCloud, Director of Health Ohio; Greg Kesterman, Hamilton County Health Commissioner; Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley; Cincinnati City Council; Melba Moore, Cincinnati Health Commissioner

Elevate Ohio Service Industry Workers to Phase 2 of Vaccine Rollout

Elevate Ohio Service Industry Workers to Phase 2 of Vaccine Rollout

We request bar and restaurant staff be elevated into Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout as to allow for our service industry workers to receive vaccinations at an earlier date.

As a service industry veteran myself, I have made it no secret that my campaign for Cincinnati City Council is dedicated to elevating the material living conditions of Cincinnati's working class. The first of many steps that I and my constituents can take in this fight for a city that works for all of us—not just the wealthy and well-connected—is to recognize bar and restaurant workers as essential and protect them accordingly.

Our rationale is simple: if state, county and city governments are unwilling or unable to provide direct financial relief for staff and employers to avoid Covid-19 exposures by remaining closed indefinitely, then they must recognize that these businesses and personnel are essential. Thus, they must provide protection for us in another form. By providing bar and restaurant workers the ability to receive Covid-19 vaccinations quickly, this grants protection to workers as well as the general public.

Why is this important?

Cincinnati has increasingly become known as a destination for its variety of restaurants and bars, but the pandemic has caused dozens of incredible local establishments to close their doors permanently. Those that have been able to weather the storm have done so at significant cost: reducing capacity, focusing on curbside pickup and delivery as well as the mandated curfews have resulted in significant revenue losses for our city’s establishments.

The reduced capacity has hit hourly waged workers the hardest since we are dependent on tips, as we are paid well below the federal minimum wage. In addition, exposure to the virus among staff forces many businesses to close for weeks at a time, further hurting workers by preventing them from making any income in the interim. Ohio and Cincinnati leadership must step up now and act in the best interests of the working class service industry by allowing us to protect ourselves.

A safer service industry is a safer Cincinnati.


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