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To: President Biden

President Biden: Take Action for Immigrant Rights!

We the undersigned ask President Biden to take immediate action to reverse Trump's anti-immigrant policies:
1. Legalization for all
2. No Border Wall
3. Close the camps and reunite children and families
4. Reverse attacks on asylum
5. End border militarization
6. End ICE detention abuses like forced sterilizations

Why is this important?

We, the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, call on President Biden to take action for immigrant rights. We will hold President Biden accountable to the immigrant rights reforms he already promised AND also demand that he works to demilitarize the border and provide legalization for all.

We have not forgotten the three million people who were deported under the Obama-Biden administration. Justice today does not only look like reversing anti-immigrant policies but actively seeks to repair the harm that has already been done to countless families.

MIRAC will continue to push for legalization for all and an end to the whole system that profits from the mass-incarceration and the mass-deportation of immigrants, and also from the superexploitation of the labor of immigrants who live under constant fear of deportation.

Please sign our petition to tell President Joe Biden to meet these demands!

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