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To: President Joe Biden/Vice President Kamala Harris, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate



Compel/empower CDC/NIH to admit that racism is the true public health target impacting outcomes for ALL Americans. Cure the infection and not just the fever. Call in clinicians and antiracists, peace warriors, and nonviolent strategists particularly those of color who have concrete action steps like ours to address it! Also please work with Dr. Camara Jones and us to implement your goals of health equity "at all levels of the executive branch"! We have the action steps that CDC says they lack! As communities are beginning to declare it around the country we need to assure the message is non-triggering, clinically based, systemic, and sustainable!

Why is this important?

From gun violence to universal healthcare, no field of endeavor or conflict in this country is untouched by the legacy of racism manifest by our American destiny. Despite scholarly and established work to the contrary, CDC cries "No evidence-based best practices to address it" as an excuse not to do their job, so the people must demand it. I have seen the stress of loss of privilege, the minute daily drips of intangible "microaggressions" and the gaping wounds of bullets; I took an oath and DO NO HARM is not enough. We're also on Twitter and would ask folks to tweet Trevor Noah and other prominent folks who "have the mic"! @Right2healthNow

How it will be delivered

We are available to deliver in whatever way is most expedient and possible to avoid delay! We prefer in person (and would appreciate being funded to come to DC) as our evidence is best viewed in person as it brings in data and stakeholders around the country that have validation and research.

Reasons for signing

  • Please reopen all schools, bars & restaurants, shops & malls, personal services, parks & recreation centers, Sports activities and large parties & gatherings, weddings & marriages and other services. Employment & Jobs, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Road to reopening your small businesses and economy recovery, Reopen all indoor & outdoor dining, slowly getting things back to normal.
  • It's time to put budget and protocols behind the announcement that racism is a public health crisis.
  • As a white woman, I could only see the impact of racism once it was pointed out to me. Now I can't look away. It's a systemic problem and it requires systemic solutions.


2020-06-23 19:13:42 -0400

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