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To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom



They will send you a petition to sign. ITS THE OFFICIAL ONE THATS CURRENT WITH THE STATE.

Sold to us as the safe streets and schools initiative. We were lied to! Prop 47 makes most crimes a slap in the wrist with ZERO JAIL TIME FOR EVEN CAREER CRIMINALS!

Why is this important?

Since the passing of AB109 and Prop 47, the community of San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Harbor City, Wilmington and other communities in California have experience an explosive increase in criminal activity including violent crime such as carjackings and property crimes including home burglaries . On April 2nd 2015, at least half a dozen homes were hit in one single day, followed a couple of days later by a violent carjacking from an elementary school.

Police officers are arresting the same individuals over and over again since they are able to generally get back on the street the same night for drug offenses and property crimes under $950. Criminals using dangerous drugs such as methamphetamines and heroin now face little or no repercussions from law enforcement officers. Unfortunately these same criminals that use drugs and commit "petty theft" crimes are the same criminals that commit violent acts and home burglaries.

It's no coincidence that since the passing of passing of AB109 and Prop 47 almost all of the LAPD's 21 divisions have seen an increase in "Part 1" crimes. Shootings alone have increased by a whopping 30% citywide. And I would bet that these career criminals are the reason behind a 300% increase in petty theft in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes alone.

This was posted by a LAPD Senior Lead Officer who patrols skid row:
Prop 47... I hate to say I told you so but:

Over the last several years I have witnessed so much irresponsibility from people we seek leadership from. We have chosen idealism over our safety. We have chosen to be test subjects in social experiments over common sense.

We fall for titles at the ballot box, instead of weighing the realities of human nature.

For example. Prop 47 was dubbed the "Safe neighborhoods and schools act". Put that on any ballot and most people will vote for it without thinking.

But can anyone tell me how releasing inmates who could care less about your safety or property with no jobs, and no real mandate to get rehabilitated into the streets is supposed to make neighborhoods and schools safe?

The measure did exactly what I thought it would. Put neighborhoods and schools in these neighborhoods in danger. Crime is up all over this state.

Here is the thing. I would have voted for 47 if the mechanisms were in place when they got out to house, employ, and educate them. Instead and as always, they released them first and said "Oh we will fix it later".

I actually agree with making mere possession a misdemeanor, but a misdemeanor with some teeth at least. But I am seeing drug dealers qualifying for 47, as courts are finding loopholes to help get felony drug sales charges reduced.

There is zero incentive now for addicts or dealers to stop their crimes or seek help. Drug usage and dealing are not victimless crimes as the people who created the laws would have you believe.

Dysfunctional users will resort to violence and property crimes to support their habits. Drug dealers use violence as a means to control their operation, protect territories, and intimidate communities from trying to stop them.

This has always been the case, but somehow we still voted for this flawed law as if these criminals would magically stop committing crimes if we released them and just slapped them on the wrist enough times until they get tired of getting their wrist slapped.

Prop 47 and AB109 was not about saving money at all. It was simply a political movement that was packaged in a certain way to get you to vote for it and it worked. It prayed on your heart by using the usual tactics of "saving kids" and "Giving people chances" But what they really have done is place kids and adults in danger to satisfy a world view.

This must be reversed. I'm not against giving people second chances. If you know me, you know that's what I am all about. But with every noble concept, you must use your head and common sense to get it done.

The safety of the people of this state should never be sacrificed or be a part of some idealistic experiment.

I do hope some of the people being released turn their lives around. But based on what I have seen in 20 years of police work, many career criminals won't stop because they chose criminality as a career.

The community within the City of Los Angeles and other communities within California are not going to stand for it. We ask our state legislators to address the repercussions of both of these laws and work with both the community and law enforcement to make modifications necessary to keep criminals off our streets. Reverse the effects of Prop 47 and AB109 now!



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