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To: Sec. Johnny Key & the AR Board of Education

Safety First! Delay the Start of AR Public Schools.

Safety First! Delay the Start of AR Public Schools.

Daily, more than 2,000 Arkansans are being diagnosed with Covid-19/variant, and our school aged children are among those being diagnosed, hospitalized and dying. There are adults and students who are ineligible to get vaccinations.

Medical experts in this nation and in our state are calling for clear, equitable, safety protocols and actions to take place prior to the opening of public schools:
*Universal masking
*Maximum vaccination of all eligible individuals
*Measured social distancing
*Adequate and effective ventilation
*Access to Regular and Emergency testing
*Daily cleaning/sanitizing of surfaces in classrooms and shared spaces.

Arkansas has been allocated with millions of American Rescue Plan tax dollars that are earmarked to support public schools, specifically students/families and educators who are economically disadvantaged and who are disproportionately effected by Covid-19/variants.

These resources are to be used to:
*support families needing safe adult supervision during the work day until our schools are ready to receive them.
*secure the support staff, technology, and medical/social needs of our students.
*ensure that our front-line workers in our public schools (our public school teachers, bus drivers, environmental service employees, dietary/nutritionists) are receiving emergency funding, resources as well as benefits to protect them in cases of physical and/or emotional medical needs.

You have the power to protect the general welfare not only of our children/students, but also their parents, teachers, supporting staff members, school administrators, and school community. And, we expect you to delay the start of our public schools until these measures are in place.

Why is this important?

The lives of Arkansas children and families are in jeopardy. We can not afford to not delay the start of our schools until these measures are in place.

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