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To: Sparta Residents, Sparta Council, Sparta Planning Board

SAY NO to Sparta Trucking Terminal/Warehouse

The proposed 880,000 square foot warehouse (Truck Terminal) will increase traffic and noise pollution exponentially, deteriorate our roadways, create major environmental issues, and position Sparta as a freight (train and truck) depot. While the developer has yet to announce which companies will occupy the location, they do foresee 24 hour-operation with 1,400 daily trips and frequent train delivery.

The developers of this project have compared it to similar projects they manage in Elizabeth and Newark. Is that what the planning board and council want Sparta to develop into?

Please do not ruin our beautiful town by approving a warehouse that is larger than the size of Rockaway Mall and Sparta High School combined.

Why is this important?

The developer (an out-of-town from Florida) indicates the benefits of this project will help the supply chain for stores like Walmart and Target but did not mention a single benefit to our town, community, or residents. Our council has not made any public statement on potential tax benefits for the town or residents. Other towns that allowed warehouses (truck terminals) saw a spike in crime, an increase in traffic accidents, and highway degradation.


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