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To: donald trump

send trump to jupiter with no space suit

send trump to jupiter with no space suit

to be FORCED in a rocket, with no space suit, be SENT to jupiter and to never return again for the sake of america.

Why is this important?

because trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe , transphobe , rapist and hes an ignorant piece of shit.

Reasons for signing

  • Education & Economy: I want you to vote to remove trump and Mitch McConnell out of the Oval Office today. Flip the senate and take back the White House today. Education and Economy reopening all states and cities. Government Reopening all states and cities around the world and counties. Returning students back to school this year. Let’s Help to stop and slow the spread of virus.
  • Because he's an evil person who objectifies women & will take us back to the stone ages by destroying women's rights & equality every chance he gets! Sexist, misogynistic scum!
  • Send Trump, Ivannka Trump, Kushner, Pence, Louis DeJoy, McConnell, Barron Trump, Trump Jr., Kayne West, the Kardashians, Dr. Oz, Honey Boo-Boo and her mother, Justin Bieber, Putin, Kim Jong-un, the rest of the dictators, Kirstie Alley, all of the Fox News people, Brett Kavanaugh, the Corrupt Republicans, Miley Cyrus and her sister, Bernie Sanders, Raven Symone, and all of the PETA members to Jupiter! We are so tired of them ruining our Earth and America!


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