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To: Congress

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect Amazon delivery drivers!

Amazon is forcing their delivery drivers to consent to intrusive surveillance or lose their jobs. This is both a massive invasion of privacy and a workplace protection issue. We demand Congress investigate Amazon’s labor practices!

Why is this important?

Amazon thinks it can get away with anything. Now the tech giant is forcing delivery drivers to either agree to intrusive surveillance in their vans, or lose their jobs.1

New reporting shows Amazon often forces drivers to choose between keeping their jobs and using the bathroom.2 Rather than solve this dilemma, Amazon wants to install artificial intelligence cameras and force drivers to submit biometric data in order to stay employed.

Agree to constantly be spied on by your company or get fired: How can that possibly be a legal workplace standard? Congress can’t let Amazon mistreat their workers.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect delivery drivers and investigate Amazon labor practices!

This isn’t just micro-management, it’s a dangerous pattern for Amazon. Amazon uses their vast tech resources to spy on workers and push their productivity to the physical brink, all in the name of profit. In Amazon warehouses, algorithms like Rate and ToT (time off task) have contributed to so many workplace accidents and injuries that working at Amazon is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the US.3

But whenever workers stand up for themselves against Amazon, the tech giant fires back with fury. Amazon hired a Koch-backed anti-union consultant to try to stop workers in Alabama from organizing a union.4 They force employees into “classes” where pro-union workers are intimidated and threatened with pay cuts if they continue to form a union.

Amazon thinks that just because they’re rich and large that means they’re in charge, and that they can treat their employees however they want. They think no one is strong enough to stop them.

But they’re wrong. Congress can regulate how Amazon operates and treats their workers. They could do it now, if you speak up.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect delivery drivers and investigate Amazon labor practices!

1. The Verge, “Amazon delivery drivers have to consent to AI surveillance in their vans or lose their jobs,” March 24, 2021.
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