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To: South Western/Lincoln College of Technology Fraud

South Western/Lincoln College of Technology Fraud

South Western/Lincoln College of Technology Fraud

Student loan debt forgiveness.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important because thousands of students looking to better their lives and future were mislead. We were overcharged and given false information. This school is no longer open. It started as Southwestern college then changed to Lincoln College if Technology. Teachers were not educated on what to teach and we were charged multiple times for books/scrub uniforms we had to reuse. We were told credits could transfer to other institutes and they do not. At all. The school isn’t even acknowledged by other accredited institutes and you can’t call because it’s no longer open. It’s a bait and switch... they get you in, young and eager and lie about it all. Never received a layout of what we were actually paying for either. I have no idea what my $40,000 paid for! Now thousands of dollars in debt, I can’t afford to go back to school because of this debt I no longer qualify for federal loans! These loans should be forgiven. We were told we would have job placements and I’ve never once had a job placement from this place. “Graduated” in 2011. I am praying to get these loans forgiven considering I now am eligible to receive any loans due to my debt. I would LOVE to return to school and earn a business degree to further my career for me and my daughter.

Thank you!

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Via mail!


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Almost at 30 signatures! I am going to keep pushing for 100! I appreciate everyone so much! I’m hoping this is a fight I can actually win..

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