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To: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi: Reject the GOP’s Pentagon giveaway in COVID-19 relief

Speaker Pelosi: Reject the GOP’s Pentagon giveaway in COVID-19 relief

Rebuilding our futures lies in what we choose to support and resource right now. The latest Senate Republican COVID-19 relief bill does little to support struggling families and communities. But it does include funding for weapons of war: fighter jets, helicopters, and missile defense systems.

It’s appalling that our already overfilled warmaking budget could receive yet another unnecessary influx of cash under the guise of pandemic relief. I support and urge you to soundly reject this proposal.

Why is this important?

Buried in the 177-page GOP COVID-19 relief proposal are BILLIONS of dollars for weapons of war wish list: fighter jets, helicopters, and missile defense systems.

That’s right, while they’re nickel and diming families who desperately need protections and benefits to put food on their tables and keep roofs over their heads — Senate Republicans are ready to hand out $29 BILLION for Pentagon pet projects completely unrelated to COVID-19.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the power to reject this absurd proposal and stop it entering the final bill, because nothing the Senate has proposed can become law without House approval.

Add your name to tell Speaker Pelosi: NO COVID-19 relief money for weapons of war!

Reasons for signing

  • I signed the petition because American families who are taxpayers, and who have been affected by COVID-19 are without necessary assistance to see us through this crisis. America should take care its people.
  • not needed when your bringing back the troops
  • Military funding doesn't belong in a Covid-19 relief bill!


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