Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Investigate GOP Governors like DeSantis for human trafficking & violating federal immigration law
    On October 12, 2022, Treasury Department IG probing DeSantis’ migrant flights The agency’s inspector general’s office confirmed to several members of Massachusetts’s Democratic congressional delegation that it planned “to get this work underway as soon as possible” to probe Florida’s spending as part of ongoing audits into how states have used the billions in sent to them as part of the American Rescue Plan, according to a letter provided by Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey’s office. More:
    105,645 Signatures
    Created by Vanessa Brito Picture
  • Drop all charges against No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren
    Victory! The creator of this petition declared the campaign a success. You can still sign the petition to show support.
    139,119 Signatures
    Created by Pam & Mark Warren
  • We the people of the United States, sign on to the Paris Agreement
    The United States has reentered the Paris Agreement
    558,836 Signatures
    Created by Patrick McHeffey
  • 2,146 Signatures
    Created by Laura Packard Picture
  • Fire Tucker Carlson
    WE WON! Fox News and Tucker Carlson have officially parted ways. Thank you to the nearly 250k MoveOn members who signed the petition demanding Fox News fire Tucker Carlson. You were pivotal in this win. This news comes a week after Fox News paid a settlement for knowingly spreading lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election to boost ratings and profit. Tucker Carlson has a history of promoting white supremacy, violent fantasies, and deadly disinformation and shouldn't have been given a platform to spread his hate to begin with. Carlson leaving Fox News is huge—but there's still more work to be done in the fight to hold Fox News accountable. Our fight against Fox News is just beginning. Check out the Stop Funding Fox campaign to demand corporations stop doing business with Fox:
    242,008 Signatures
    Created by Michelle Sandoval
  • Demand GSA administrator Emily Murphy recognize President-elect Joe Biden
    It is important she recognize President-elect Biden for these reasons: 1. She is hindering a peaceful transition until Trump exhausts all legal recourse, which means the transition team pretty much can only get an office to plan the transition and not much else. 2. Her refusal to recognize president-elect Biden has National Security implications because the Department of Defense cannot work with the transition team until the GSA recognizes the results of the election. 3.Her refusal to follow the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 is a clear refutation of the democratic process and severely undermines confidence in free and fair elections in this country.
    254,428 Signatures
    Created by Diane Yoder Picture
  • Stop Shell's Disastrous Arctic Drilling plan (again)
    Shell stopped drilling in the Arctic.
    6,065 Signatures
    Created by Drew_Hudson
  • Tell Congress: Pass Paid Sick Days for Coronavirus Prevention!
    With your help, we succeeded in getting paid sick days (imperfect, but still!!) in the first coronavirus relief package. We are now working on defending it in the second relief package.
    30,580 Signatures
    Created by Gloria, Picture
  • SHAME: Senate Republicans must vote NO on Trumpcare
    TrumpCare was defeated in the Senate.
    137,964 Signatures
    Created by Laura Packard Picture