Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • 45,818 Signatures
    Created by Nandini Jammi
  • Demand GSA administrator Emily Murphy recognize President-elect Joe Biden
    It is important she recognize President-elect Biden for these reasons: 1. She is hindering a peaceful transition until Trump exhausts all legal recourse, which means the transition team pretty much can only get an office to plan the transition and not much else. 2. Her refusal to recognize president-elect Biden has National Security implications because the Department of Defense cannot work with the transition team until the GSA recognizes the results of the election. 3.Her refusal to follow the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 is a clear refutation of the democratic process and severely undermines confidence in free and fair elections in this country.
    254,453 Signatures
    Created by Diane Yoder Picture
  • Please remove the statues of Confederate leaders from Monument Avenue in Richmond VA
    Hello everyone! As of today, july, 1, 2020, I have decided to end this campaign. The fight is over. We won.The jefferson davis statue was removed recently, and all of the other statues on monument ave were ordered to be removed on this day as well.But the fight isnt over! This is just the Beginning of the dismantling of systematic racism, and much more has to be done!
    5,221 Signatures
    Created by Will Hall
  • Allow Same-Sex Couples to Prom
    Edit: On December 6, 2017 an announcement during an Inclusion and Diversity assembly that the school "reimagined" prom so that any student regardless of sexual orientation, religion, culture, etc. may attend prom with whomever they want. Thank you to the 2,765 people who backed this online and the many many more in the community. -Matt Barrett Dear all, It has come to the attention of the student body that same-sex couples are not being allowed to attend prom. The Saint John's mission statement speaks of "Respect and appreciation for individual differences," but not allowing every student to express themselves to their full extent contradicts this mission. In 2003, Massachusetts removed the ban on gay marriage. It is now 2016; gay marriage is legal nationally. Isn't it about time that we, the Saint John's Pioneers, took a step forward and set an example for our community and embraced Jesus' message to love one another? This is a violation of the civil rights of members of our community. Every student should be able to spend prom with someone that is important to them. This kind of discrimination needs to be stopped. Please sign and share if you support this petition!
    2,771 Signatures
    Created by MFarris
  • Drop all charges against No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren
    Victory! The creator of this petition declared the campaign a success. You can still sign the petition to show support.
    139,123 Signatures
    Created by Pam & Mark Warren
  • We the people of the United States, sign on to the Paris Agreement
    The United States has reentered the Paris Agreement
    558,900 Signatures
    Created by Patrick McHeffey
  • SHAME: Senate Republicans must vote NO on Trumpcare
    TrumpCare was defeated in the Senate.
    137,990 Signatures
    Created by Laura Packard
  • Vaccinate The Servers
    On Friday, March 19th, the Kent County Health Department announced that Service Industry Workers are now eligible for vaccination! Thank you to everyone who signed and shared this petition! Together we can affect positive change!
    424 Signatures
    Created by Grand Rapids Service Industry Workers Coalition Picture
  • Oppose Project Aisle in Brownsburg, Indiana
    The corporation behind Project Aisle withdrew their applications from our town. We believe it was from a grassroots sign, website and petition campaign.
    2,009 Signatures
    Created by Amy McNeely
  • Town of Lewiston to allow waste treatment facility
    All of our efforts have paid off, and Ensol has withdrawn their permit application! A most heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who signed and helped spread the word. We could not have made this possible without all of your support. I have delivered the petition to the Town of Lewiston board members and Senator Rob Ortt to let them know that Niagara County deserves better and we say NO MORE. With this battle won, we'll stay vigilant watching for any other potentially hazardous enviromental proposals in our neighborhood. Again, thank you all for your support!
    449 Signatures
    Created by Kathleen Bielli