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To: Governor John Carney

Tell Governor Carney to Address Women's Reentry Now!!

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Tell Governor Carney to Address Women's Reentry Now!!

Angela Greenwood is a 48 year old woman who has suffered severe childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She is the daughter of a schizophrenic mother and a drug addicted, biker gang member father. Her grandmother, Kathy O'Ferrell Winterstein committed suicide when Angela's mom was just a teenager. Angela's parents weree using heavy drugs and alcohol and severely abused both Angela and her sister April.
Angela was in many institutions and facilities as a child for the over 240 runaways due to ongoing physical and sexual abuse. She was in foster home after foster home and suffered numerous assaults.

She made a few bad decisions to take cars that had keys in them to get away from her abusers twice and she was charged for it. So began her long ordeal with the criminal justice system.

She was emancipated after graduation and at 17 she graduated to a park bench in Chestertown with no food and no family. Years went by and she began a life of stealing, prostitution, selling and using drugs to cope with her life.

In 2004 she was on the run from Maryland for another violation for living with a man who was selling drugs, as she was charged for living there. He helped her a gave her a home to stay in and together they got pregnant. Angela struggled with her addiction during her pregnancy and her son was born with brain-injury and autism. She was set up by her best friend 7 months pregnant and the Drug Officers forced her to give information or lose her child in her belly.

She did what she had to do and then Travette was born. He was born on September 18, 2005 and there was fecal matter in his amniotic fluid. His APGAR was a 1 when he was born and he had to be given oxygen to breathe. He has been placed in over 42 facilities since he was 3 years old and has been physically, sexually, emotionally and medically abused in those facilities.
Ms. Greenwood decided to do something and enrolled in college in the Social Work program to help her son. She had to fight the State of Pennsylvania to get custody back of him when they started pumping him full of meds she did not consent to.
She graduated with her BSW, MS and now she has her own Small Business and has started her own non-profit 501c3 with her husband and family to stand up to the Governor of Delaware now.
Angela is very sick and has been considered fully disabled since 10/27/21, when she was in her fourth major car accident through no fault of her own. She was supposed to get off probation in May of 2021, but due to poverty, mental illness (PTSD) and the stress of trying to get supportive services in place for herself and her daughter and son in Delaware.
Her aunts tried to steal her daughter and used probation and the courts to make it happen, accusing her of using drugs when she wasn't! Now, her health is failing and the stress is not stopping due to the ongoing strong-arm threatening tactics of probation and parole and the Department of Corrections.
She is awaiting a Bone Marrow Biopsy, as her oncologist suspects Lupus or Leukemia. She is already diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, GERD, Severe Spine and Nerve Damage, Loss of the feeling and ability to use her hands effectively, and now she is losing her sight.
She keeps passing out for no reason and falling face first on the floor.
She is sick and they are trying to violate her again when she was supposed to graduate after she received her certificate from Aquilla for over 1 1/2 years of treatment. On top of that, her family and she were homeless as of 10/1/21.
Angela fought to get her settlement from the accident early and left a lot of money on the table to get her family into a home.
After over 100 rental applications and denials, Angela decided it was time to buy her house. She had been working for 5 long years to build her credit and get ready to buy her first home.
Now they are trying to say that she did not have permission to be in her home when she cannot care for herself. Although she called and got permission from her probation officer's supervisor they are still insinuating that she is in Maryland illegally when she is a Maryland native who just bought her home and came into the state with permission from probation.
Tell Governor Carney this ends now. Demand Justice for Women and Children in Delaware. Tell Governor Carney to address Child Mental Health and Women's Reentry in Delaware today.

Why is this important?

We need to address generational curses and Women's Reentry, Child Mental Health, State and Local Police Conduct, Prosecutorial Conduct and Taxation without Representation for Ex-Offenders. While there has been some improvement, more needs to be done today!! Join in our quest for Justice and Responsibility.


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