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To: Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize (Stop & Shop)

Tell Stop & Shop to Extend Hazard Pay

Tell Stop & Shop to Extend Hazard Pay

We call on Stop & Shop to immediately extend hazard pay until the end of this crisis and to continue enforcing strict safety measures.

Why is this important?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the members of UFCW Locals 1500, 338, and 342 have heroically answered the call to support their communities. They went to work each and every day to ensure that we all had continued access to fresh groceries and supplies.

However, despite the fact that these workers continue to face danger every day, Stop & Shop has announced they will be cancelling hazard pay for their Associates effective on July 4th. This is completely unacceptable. The grocery business is one of the few industries that has not been shut down or devastated but has actually been thriving during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is simply no excuse to cut pay for workers right now.

So long as there is a hazard, there should be hazard pay. And the hazard is still very real right now. With no vaccine in sight, these essential workers will continue to put their lives at risk by coming to work.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop and Shop employees are essential workers and their hazard pay should be extended.
  • I’m an essential worker and I risk my life.
  • Im taking a risk working


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