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To: President Mark Schlissel and University of Michigan Housing

U-M Residential Advisors Striking on Basis of COVID-19 Related Demands

We’re happy to announce ResStaff has accepted an offer from UM Housing, and our strike will be ending effective 7am on Tuesday, September 22nd. We’d like to thank everyone that supported us during our strike, especially GEO, AFT, our regents, our LT, & everyone on campus that supported us. We appreciate greatly that Housing met with us and that we were able to negotiate an offer that both sides were happy with. This wouldn’t have happened without everyone that extended a helping hand in our direction. Solidarity forever!

U-M Residential Advisors Striking on Basis of COVID-19 Related Demands

The University of Michigan Housing has failed to promote its so-called Wolverine Culture of Care. It has not provided sufficient testing for its 6000+ students, has failed to enforce its own social distancing policies, and has not been transparent in its communication with neither residents nor staff. Quarantine housing is already at 10%; this is a health crisis the university needs to immediately address. #ActionNotWords

Why is this important?

The University's inaction in the face of ResStaff’s explicit concerns and action items over the last few weeks has made it clear that public health is not the priority. The University has repeatedly referred to the Wolverine Culture of Care, but has not extended this same care to us. If U of M administrators do not want to live up to the Michigan Difference, we will be the difference ourselves. Health comes first. ResStaff will not stand for anything less than policies and adequate resources that reflect this priority.

As of Tuesday 9/8/2020 at 9PM, University of Michigan ResStaff have decided to strike on the basis of these demands:

A. Regular access to testing for all of ResStaff (not only symptomatic individuals)
B. Providing sufficient, effective PPE to ResStaff and Students
C. Enforcement of social distancing and face coverings inside and outside of residence halls and dining halls
D. Enforcement of currently unenforceable guest policy by non-student employees
that can be seen by future employers or academic institutions
E. Hiring and staffing to normal capacity for all facilities and housing teams
F. More specific public and ResStaff communication and transparency
G. Hazard pay for ResStaff
H. A formal statement of no retaliation from Housing Administration should a ResStaff Union be formed

A more detailed list with sub-items, as well as other resources, can be found on

Tell University Housing to stop prioritizing its wealth, and start prioritizing the health of its students.


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