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To: Virginia Beach General District Court

Unacceptable Living Conditions at Chase Arbor Apartments

 Petition Against Chase Arbor Apartments for Negligence in Maintenance and Property Care

We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens, hereby petition against Chase Arbor Apartments for their consistent negligence in maintaining the property and ensuring a safe, clean, and habitable living environment for tenants.

Chase Arbor Apartments has long been an integral part of our community, providing housing to numerous families, individuals, and students. However, over the past several months (or years), there has been a noticeable decline in the quality of maintenance and care of the property. Despite numerous complaints and requests for repairs, management has failed to address these issues in a timely and effective manner.

**Issues of Concern:**

1. **Poor Maintenance Response:**
   - Requests for essential repairs, such as plumbing, electrical issues, and HVAC maintenance, are often ignored or delayed for weeks, causing significant inconvenience and potential health hazards to residents.

2. **Unsafe Living Conditions:**
   - Broken stairways,and inadequate lighting in common areas pose serious safety risks.
   - Persistent mold growth and pest infestations have not been properly addressed, despite repeated complaints.

3. **Neglected Common Areas:**
   - The swimming pool, gym, and other communal facilities are often in disrepair and not regularly cleaned, limiting their usability.
   - Landscaping is poorly maintained, with overgrown grass, untrimmed bushes,  poison ivy, and litter creating an unsightly and unwelcoming environment.

4. **Lack of Communication:**
   - Management is frequently unresponsive to emails, phone calls, and in-person visits, leaving residents without clear information or resolution timelines for their concerns.

**Impact on Residents:**
The ongoing negligence has significantly affected the quality of life of the residents. Many are living in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, leading to stress and a sense of helplessness. The overall community morale has deteriorated, and the property value is likely to decline if these issues are not addressed promptly.

**Our Demands:**

1. **Immediate Action:**
   - Promptly address all outstanding maintenance requests, prioritizing those related to safety and health.
2. **Regular Maintenance Schedule:**
   - Implement a reliable and transparent schedule for regular maintenance and inspections of all facilities and common areas.
3. **Improved Communication:**
   - Establish a clear and effective communication channel between management and residents, ensuring that all concerns are acknowledged and addressed in a timely manner.
4. **Accountability:**
   - Hold the property management accountable for their negligence and ensure that they uphold their responsibility to provide a safe and well-maintained living environment.

We believe that every resident deserves to live in a clean, safe, and well-maintained community. By signing this petition, we call upon the management of Chase Arbor Apartments to take immediate and decisive action to rectify these issues and restore the quality of living that residents rightfully expect and deserve.

**Supporting Evidence:**
- Photos of neglected areas and unsafe conditions.
- Copies of maintenance requests and any correspondence with management.
- Testimonials from affected residents.

This petition represents a collective plea for action and improvement. We hope that the management will take our concerns seriously and work towards creating a better living environment for all.

Residents should be compensated for all of the issues they have been facing at Chase Arbor Apartments. The condition of  the apartment complex breaks lease terms and breaks code in the city of Virginia. Renovations should take place and macitence needs should be met.

If you have experienced cosmetic issues with apartments, A/C issue's, mold, leaks, bugs or fires please sign. If you have issues with the overflowed trash, mice , dirty and broken pool and the non AC in the gym please sign. said you know anybody going through this please sign. 

Why is this important?

This is important because the condition of property does not coincide with the price of rent . Chase Arbor Apartment complex are scamming people into signing these lease agreements and pay unnecessary fees. If future residents were informed of these issues beforehand, many would choose not live at Chase Arbor. Residents deserve a safe comfortable home to stay in.

How it will be delivered

I plan to deliver this petition to the General District Court in Virginia Beach. This can be used to help anybody’s court case.


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