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To: Sarasota School Board, State and local officials, and Gov. DeSantis

Ziegler Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed from the Sarasota School Board by Gov. DeSantis

Deeply disturbing newly revealed police report information suggests deliberate involvement in sexual “prowling” by Sarasota School Board member Bridget Ziegler.  Previously the public was led to believe that Ms. Ziegler did not have a hand in orchestrating her husband’s inappropriate and possibly criminal sexual misconduct.  Sarasota Police Det. Cox’s report quoted in the May 16th Florida Trident, paints a very different picture stating “There were numerous text messages between Bridget and Christian where they are on the prowl for a female and Bridget is directing him to numerous different bars in search of a female that they are both interested in…During these conversations Christian is secretly taking photographs of women in the bars and sending them to Bridget asking her if she wants this one or that one. Bridget is telling him to pretend to take pictures of his beer, so they don’t see him taking pictures of them.” 

Such behavior is highly unethical.  Last December four school board members signed a non-binding resolution calling for Ms. Ziegler to resign which she did not. This time it is imperative that the Sarasota School Board and our state and local officials not only demand her immediate resignation but they must write to Governor DeSantis insisting on her removal; her behavior demonstrates malfeasance, “intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees.” Malfeasance is grounds for removal from office in Florida.  Ms. Ziegler engaged in intentional,  wrongful behavior while an elected official and public employee. It is particularly egregious for an elected official who is involved with the education, well-being and safety of our youth. 

Why is this important?

Ms. Ziegler's conduct has been a continuous distraction from the business of the Board  — the education of our students, and the Board's stated commitment of "Every student every day."  At the May 7, 2024 School Board meeting she proposed a resolution defying constitutional officer responsibilities by refusing to uphold changes to Title IX. She claims she was protecting "our girls" while openly discriminating against certain students. This makes our students unsafe.  Ms. Ziegler has damaged countless students' lives and is an embarrassment to the Sarasota County School District.  She needs to resign or be removed. Join us in this effort. 

How it will be delivered

Send or give copies to the School Board, Governor DeSantis, and local and state officials.


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