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To: The Democratic National Committee

DNC: We Want a Final Debate Between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

The DNC originally scheduled 12 debates for the 2020 Primary season—we have only had 11. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have had only one debate between the two of them. The American people deserve more.

Why is this important?

We are in the middle of a Democratic Primary.

27 states have not yet voted

43% of delegates are still available

We are living in an unprecedented time where a global pandemic is testing the nation and revealing the deep flaws in our system.

Record-breaking numbers of people are applying for unemployment. Millions are losing their jobs and their employment-tied healthcare.
Millions are at risk of being evicted.

This is the precise time for people to have a voice in how America should move forward beyond this world-changing crisis. Regardless of the path we take, life as we know it will fundamentally change.

We still have a choice.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have very different visions for how to proceed through this crisis. Let the American people hear them and make this very important decision before the remaining states cast their votes.

Give us the debate we deserve.


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