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To: Doug Ducey

DO SOMETHING about coronavirus ravaging our communities

DO SOMETHING about coronavirus ravaging our communities

Today, Tuesday the 16th of June, Arizona has experienced the highest spike in COVID-19 cases since the outbreak, approximately 2400 in a single 24 hour period. This could have been prevented and lives would have been saved. This is a direct result of poor leadership concerning reopening businesses. We need to change that.

Implement a travel ban between counties and close AZ borders. Allow only essential travel.

Implement a curfew that restricts crowds forming at busy bars and restaurants.

Create monetary incentives for businesses to revert to a take-out only menu.

Enforce and make it mandatory for anyone working to wear a face mask at all times, sanitize surfaces after each use/each customer.

Enforce a reduced capacity among bars and restaurants, 25% of their normal capacity.

Enforce face masks among citizens patronizing any business.

Close national parks.

Consider shutting down businesses again.

Why is this important?

SARS-CoV-2 is ravaging our communities. It is highly infectious and it is spreading like wildfire. Our hospitals are filling up and resources are scarce. It is our government’s responsibility to ensure our safety, and something must be done to prevent further deaths in our communities.


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