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To: Governor Josh Shapiro, Senator Bob Casey, and Senator John Fetterman

Green Amendment Violation

Dear Josh Shapiro, John Fetterman, and Bob Casey

My state rights (Article I, Section 27) are being infringed upon and I cannot breathe this air.

We, the people of Pennsylvania, demand and encourage the state of Pennsylvania to create national dialogue around the previous, current and future Air Quality Issues exacerbated and caused by the fossil fuel industry.

We demand that Pennsylvania stands up as a leader to encourage the Federal Government to decrease the amount of tax dollars used to subsidize the oil and gas industry by 20% (X decreased by Y%). We ask that this be intentionally done by the start of 2024. And thereby, a similar approach is taken each subsequent year. We also ask this money be reallocated into renewable energy and STEM education in the State of Pennsylvania and equal distributions to other States who have been requesting similar allocations.

We also demand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) be added to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) around Biodiversity and Nature-Based strategies involved in private and public markets. Especially around property rights including but not limited to: Air, Water Utility, Timber, Soil, Electric and Gas Utility, Land, and the nexus of other Natural Resources.

We believe it’s essential our Federal, State, and Local KPIs are grounded in supply chain sustainability mapping and transparency work (and investment) to understand the upstream and downstream impacts of both the private and public sector. We encourage and request this type of mapping is intentionally embedded into our Capital Markets so we can have more authentic ESG and sustainability models.

We trust you know how to talk and strategize these changes with your colleagues.

Thank you for all that you do,

The Citizens of the State of Pennsylvania

Why is this important?

We’re breathing in dirty air right now which will decrease our life expectancy. We have a fundamental right to a healthy environment. With the current AQI levels in and around the state of PA, many of us are experiencing health issues because of the Canadian Wildfires. Scientists have expressed to us that events like this will continue to happen more frequently due to Climate Change inaction. We deserve a future and that is why we should all sign this.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver this petition via mail, social media, and email. If it gets enough signatures, we will drive to Harrisburg and deliver it in-person.


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