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To: DTE Energy

Hold DTE accountable for excessive power outages and lack of infrastructure investment & maintenance

DTE Energy must explain why the City Southfield, Lathrup Village and other southeast Michigan communities have been experiencing such frequent and long-lasting power outages. Further, DTE needs to outline exactly what concrete steps they are taking to prevent future power outages. Moreover, city elected officials are calling on our state and federal partners as well as our collective residents and other community stakeholders to help hold DTE accountable for maintaining and making continued infrastructure investment in our electrical system to improve service and reduce outages. While we all understand that severe weather can significantly impact the electrical system and drain valuable energy company resources; however, the frequency and duration of these outages must be addressed and improved.

Specific points of DTE Energy concerns include:
• Repeated and ongoing power failures;
• Lack of response, transparency and communication from DTE officials;
• Inadequate tree clearing along power lines, including many areas that have already been trimmed; and
• What appears to be cause of the slow response to the most recent round of storms occurring August 11-12, 2021?

Why is this important?

Hard working individuals and families across southeast Michigan have been adversely impacted by DTE Energy's continued failure as our sole electrical service provider for far too long. From frequent brownouts to complete power outages – citizens are left without much needed power and often significant financial loss resulting from damaged appliances and spoiled food with no compensation. DTE Energy continues to respond to outages with only promises made for improved infrastructure investment and maintenance that simply does not take place or produce lasting results. DTE Energy must be held accountable for the poor state of their system and make real financial investment to provide lasting and sustainable improvements that greatly reduce the frequency and duration of power outages.



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