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To: Governor Kate Brown & Oregon Legislators

Inmate Firefighters Deserve Real Jobs in Oregon

Inmate Firefighters  Deserve Real Jobs in Oregon

Allow inmate firefighters a chance to become employed as firefighters after their return to society.

Why is this important?

These fire crews work tirelessly to serve and save our state when we're at our most vulnerable. Yet, they are denied access as they re-enter into society. They put their lives on the line for us, let's give them the opportunity to start new, serve the community, and create a new life with the skills and experience they possess.

Reasons for signing

  • Once inmates have served their sentence, they should be able to work, vote, and live a regular life. Having a job would make their adapting to life after incarcerating a success.
  • Our justice system needs a pipeline to reform and sustainable life after time is served. If they lay their lives on the line for us, they deserve to have a chance at gainful employment


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