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To: Nevada state legislators



We are trying to pass a law that states if a police officer (retired or active) commits a crime they should double penalized due the fact they are trained to keep people safe and uphold the law.

Why is this important?

Jaiden Locarnini Barajas 13 years old of Reno Nv was killed on September 25 while waiting for the school bus in Fallon Nv. He was ran over by a drunk driver who turned out to be a retired police officer. Trying to flee the scene the man had to be guided off the road by a witness.
Jaiden and his two sisters were standing in the yard waiting for the school bus when this man made a u turn and plowed through a yard running 13 year old Jaiden over who pushed his sister out of the way, saving her life. This man was able to go home that night to his family. Why is this ok? Why wasn't something done about this? That is why we want this law. Something needs to happen.

Reasons for signing

  • Its BS that people with a little bit of authority think its okay to break the law and that they are untouchable because they have or had the authority
  • Justice!! Fairness!! You know plain old common sense which seems RARE these days!!!
  • Justice for those victimized to the system and treated unfairly.


2020-10-28 13:56:47 -0400

The retired officer who killed this young man killed him self as to not deal with the consequences

2020-10-17 03:38:17 -0400

500 signatures reached

2020-10-10 16:20:18 -0400

We bury this young hero today. This is a devastating experience. To all who sign this petition we thank you.

2020-10-09 09:14:05 -0400

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2020-10-08 15:14:58 -0400

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2020-10-07 21:15:06 -0400

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