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To: Solano County Justice System

Justice for Hevenly Mendonsa

Allow Hevenly the rights that are afforded to her under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) allowing her to be tried in mental health court and not criminal court. If Hevenly is tried in mental health court she is able to then be transferred into a impatient hospital or program where she can be treated in a proper manner by professionals who understand her disability.

Why is this important?

The police have been beating my sister in jail, she suffers from Schizoaffective bipolar disorder. Recently an officer kicked her so hard which resulted in a dislocated kneecap for the cop. My sister is facing charges for the cops wrongdoings in criminal court instead of mental health court.

I’m asking everyone to please pray for my sister and for protection while she is in jail. My sister is a young black woman from Solano County and is being denied her rights under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a black woman with mental disabilities. My sister is facing 7 years and the officers excuse for kicking her is that my sister was “moving to slow” coming from the jail elevator.

Someone with a mental disability should not be handled with aggressive impatient treatment. My sisters life matters #blacklivesmatter This is Hevenly her life matters. Black women need protection now more than ever especially those who suffer from things out of their control. Her hearing is at 8:30am on October 16 in Solano County Crimal Court she is being charged unjustly from charges related to this event.

If anybody out there has any referral resources or that hears this message & is willing to share in hopes of helping our family in this tragic situation please do! Even if it’s with words of encouragement. I know we aren’t the only family from Solano County that suffers from police brutality and from officers who strategically target those that are mentally disabled, black, and poor. #Blacklivesmatter 🖤🖤🖤


2020-10-05 13:33:37 -0400

With Hevenly’s court date coming up the judge plans on deeming her incompetent. By bailing Hevenly out before then we are able to fight her case from the outside and get her the into a proper psychiatric hospital. More detailed information can be found on her freedom for Hevenly go fund me page down below. Thank you all so much for sharing and signing and even donating it means so much to my family🖤

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