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To: Mayor Mike Duggan

Mayor Duggan, #TurnTheWaterOn

Mayor Mike Duggan,

You must act to protect the lives, health and safety of all Detroiters regardless of income level by making sure every household has access to water. This has become even more crucial with the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Detroit has the addresses of hundreds of thousands of households deprived of water by the city since 2014. As the Mayor you must:

♦ Actively and aggressively use those addresses from records of water shut offs from 2014 to present to make sure each and every household has water safely restored

♦ Post the phone number for residents to call for water restoration during all press conferences, public appearances, and at all food distribution sites

♦ Translate information on water restoration into Spanish and Arabic

Why is this important?

Sanitation and hydration are basic to human life in the best of times and we are now in a State of Emergency because of COVID-19 and those needs even more important. Use your power as Mayor to comply with Governor Gretchen Whitmer's executive order establishing a moratorium on water shut offs and turning on water across the state. Save the lives and health of the people you serve. Use the information and resources at your disposal to turn everyone's water on with all deliberate speed.

How it will be delivered

We are having a press conference to update the public on the status of our petition and will hold pressers along the way to apply pressure to the Mayor. We will also email them, and if possible, deliver them in person.




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