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To: Nevada State Legal Voting Constituents

Monitoring Environmental Watch & Report Abuse Committee

Monitoring Environmental Watch & Report Abuse Committee

Start a platform to protect the residents and world wide tourists from any possible unhealthy environmental contamination to the air, land and water from any non profit or for profit companies who may be performing any weather modification for increasing rain or any other desired weather modification without first looking at short and long term possible side affects to people, tourists and animal life in this state.

Why is this important?

With the advancement of patents and and increased desire for both non profit and for profit companies to create changes to the weather for desires in wanting more tourism, more water for both need and recreation such as golfing and water sports including fishing and boating events. To be advanced in our modern technology we need to look at the future of this incredible state not just for now but generations of our families here in the future. Also providing guests who visit a sense of additional health concerns from our great state.

Reasons for signing

  • With new and old technology comes human responsibility of our squired knowledge.


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