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To: The 2020 Democratic Nominee for President

Petition: Nominate Stacey Abrams as Vice President

We are formally asking the Democratic Presidential nominee to select Stacey Abrams as their running mate, regardless of who receives the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Why is this important?

Southern state Democrats have been consistently left out of the Presidential campaign trail despite of these being some of the most diverse states in the country. Stacey Abrams is the most prominent national voice fighting voter suppression and advocates for our concerns, particularly affecting people in the South.

How it will be delivered

As soon as a clear front runner emerges, we plan to contact those who have signed the petition with ways to push pressure on the nominee to select Abrams as their running mate. We will also be sending our petition to the nominee as soon as she or he emerges.


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100 signatures reached

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