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To: Governor Ige, Mayor Caldwell, Mayor Victorino, Mayor Kim, Mayor Kawakami, DOH


We the residents of Hawai'i ask our county and state government to:
FORMALLY adopt the GOAL of elimination or ERADICATION of COVID-19.

We ask you to #ProtectHawaii by stopping COVID-19, keeping Hawai'i COVID-19 free.

Why is this important?

We understand that changing the goal from mitigation to eradication will require a dramatic change in plans and much more drastic actions. It has been abundantly clear that our current plans and strategies are not working.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and impossible to control once community spread is rampant. We should follow the blue prints and plans of other places that have successfully contained and eliminated community spread.

Stopping COVID-19 is the best way to protect our residents, allow our economy to open, and allow our children to go to school in the safest way possible.

We will be releasing a video for #ProtectHawaii this week. Please share this petition and the video as much as possible!

How it will be delivered

In person and electronically



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