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To: Donald Trump

Protection for the Elderly from Covid

Protection for the Elderly from Covid

Tell people the truth about Covid. Wear a mask to show care for others who are vulnerable and afraid of contracting this virus and dying. Help all Americans who are suffering and the n need despite their social status or bank account. Care for others and be the example of that by your actions not just what you say you will do. Deliver on what you claim to be to the American people weather they voted for you or not. Do your job!

Why is this important?

Has this virus not been downplayed and kept a secret from the American people we could have kept it from spreading like wildfire across our nation. The virus found my Father in his own home where he was supposed to be safe. My Father had COPD & Rhuemetiod Arthritis and was 77 years young. He took good care of himself & despite his underlying conditions was in very good health. My father contracted Covid in his own home and spent 6 long weeks fighting for his life in the ICU department at the hospital alone. He died. He may be nobody to Donald Trump BUT TO ME HE WAS MY WORLD. Mask wearing and social distancing must be taken seriously and enforced to the fullest extent in order to stop this virus from claiming more lives. A caring & strong leader would set the example and vocalize the severity of this virus so that people are not letting their guards down and a lot of American’s lives can be saved. I want to do this to honor my Daddy who should have been protected!!!

Reasons for signing

  • Emily is my friend and I have been taking care of my mother.


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