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To: Congressman Jared Huffman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Remove California Statues from Washington DC

With no public comment opportunity, the respected statue of Starr King (the historic outspoken California abolitionist) was removed in 2009 as a symbolic statue representing California in Washington, DC and replaced by the statue of the Republican President Ronald Reagan. In addition, the statue of Junipera Serra (known for his murder of Native Americans) continues to stand representing California. It is time to remove these two statues and replace them with figures that truly represent the spirit of the State of California.

Why is this important?

Symbolic value is important. Statues representing a Republican president and a historic murderer of Native American people are not representative of the values of the people of California. It is time to replace the statues with public comment opportunity.

How it will be delivered

Stage a press conference.


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