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To: Mayor Nelson & Councilmembers Marin, Madison, Gutierrez, Adcock, Hairston & Simank

Rename 21st in Bryan, Texas: Carey Cauley Jr Street

Rename 21st in Bryan, Texas:  Carey Cauley Jr Street

In August 2020, tenants, residents and property owners along 21st Street in Bryan signed a petition to rename 21st Street to honor the lifelong civil service of Carey Cauley, Jr.

Former NAACP President/Brazos County Commissioner (Precinct 4) Carey Cauley, Jr. spent his lifetime advancing the struggle for equal rights. He spent 15 years as NAACP President and 14 years as Commissioner of Brazos County Precinct 4. Flags flew at half-mast when Carey Cauley, Jr. died.

When signatures were presented to Bryan’s Mayor and City Council, the Mayor and Council tabled the street renaming and have not picked it back up.

In September 2021, the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce awarded its Citizen of the Year to Carey's widow, Irma Cauley. Mrs. Cauley currently serves and for the past 12 years has served as Brazos County Commissioner, Precinct 4, the position vacated by her husband upon his death.


Why is this important?

When asked at the Chamber event honoring Irma Cauley why no action yet on the street renaming, a Bryan Councilmember responded "well, if everybody wants it."

City Manager policy requires “100% of property owners, residents and business owners” to sign a written petition affirming their desire to rename their street Carey Cauley Jr Street. There is no ordinance -no law- on Bryan’s books to rename streets.

Local community leader, Helen Washington, walked the streets gathering signatures. She's the spearhead who is crossing every "t" and dotting every "i.” Help her.

EVERYBODY, please join Helen and everybody who lives on 21st Street to SUPPORT this effort to honor the Cauleys.

Please SIGN to tell Bryan Mayor and City Council you SUPPORT renaming 21st Street to honor our local civil rights heroes.


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