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  • Open the Abandoned Roosevelt Roads Naval Station for Rescue of Animals Suffering in the Streets
    The decommissioned Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba, Puerto Rico has a large amount of vacant land and buildings that are not used. At the closure of the base in 2004, about 30% of the property was transferred to the government of Puerto Rico and its municipalities.  The government of Puerto Rico does not address the exponentially growing overpopulation of strays on the island and to the contrary, they take steps against banning breeding and mandating sterilization. Additionally, the government allots very few and inadequate number of police officers to enforce animal welfare and protection laws. Every government-run shelter is a high-kill shelter, there is no humane government facility for animals. The welfare of the street animals is shouldered almost entirely by rescue organizations and independent rescuers who rely heavy on donations and are currently not able to help even a small percentage of the animals in need due the lack of governmental responsibility. Rescuers need the use of abandoned and empty buildings at the decommissioned Roosevelt Roads Naval Station for housing and treating the animals while they are prepared for adoption. Please allow rescuers to use the property. 
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    Created by Lody Isaac
  • Time's Up, Pay Up!
    Let's join together to tell our union we have waited far too long with no significant progress to show for 5 years of contract negotiations. As our bag straps say, "Time's Up, Pay Up". With no real momentum to resolve our current unfair and outdated contract, we need to stand up and do something. It is becoming clear that we, as Flight Attendants, are not a priority, so it is time to make our voices heard. Together, we can sign this petition requesting our union to: • Request release from mediation • Authorize a strike vote for the Flight Attendant group. We deserve an industry-standard contract. We have been patient while the months and years go by and the company continues falling severely behind in our terms and compensation compared to every other airline in ULCC. We can make changes if we stand strong together!
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    Created by Michelle Higgins
  • End corruption on the Supreme Court! Hold Clarence Thomas accountable.
    Pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • The Time is Here. The Time is Now.
    The hope is for the council and staff to take notice of the opposition to using city land (parking lots) as locations for affordable housing structures. Please consider signing for yourself and invite all family members in the household to do the same. Pass the mailing on to others, too. It is IMPERATIVE to use a Carmel by the Sea ZIP code for this round. Simply enter 93921 or 93923 in the address window before submission. 
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    Created by Michael Noakes
    Dear Governor Reynolds,  I have started a petition to protect Iowas pets from being left in a car in extreme weather. Our pets cannot speak for themselves so I want to be the voice for all animals in Iowa.  Example;  I was at work yesterday and went outside to pick trash up in the parking lots. I believe the temperature out was in the upper 80s. I seen something moving in a car and I approached the vehicle to get a closer look. I discovered a large dog inside a car. (I work at a movie theatre). I called the local police department about this because of the heat and there was no water inside nor was  any windows cracked to get a breeze in. While I waited for the police I went to my truck, rolled the windows up and I could not sit in there longer then 20 minutes. Now keep in mind movies run from 1 hour and 45 minutes to close to 3 hours. The police showed up 30 minutes later and there was nothing done.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help protect those we love that can’t speak for themselves. We MUST have a Good Samaritan Law for pets.
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    Created by Nannette Heady
  • President Biden: Permanently stop fossil fuel gas exports!
    Thanks to the work of activists and impacted communities, President Biden took bold action and stood up to Big Oil executives to pause the largest fossil fuel project construction in U.S. history. This pause is just the beginning. We know that liquefied methane gas has devastating consequences for our planet and communities, and we must encourage President Biden to keep fighting against the fossil fuel industry to stop fossil fuel gas exports. 
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  • Get Primal Moon on 95.9 The River, and start a Local Radio Hour
      Being in a local band is tough. It's sometimes hard to navigate through the entertainment world, and it's even more difficult when you are unsigned. The abundance of talent in Chicago, and it's surrounding suburbs needs their chance to be heard!   The other day, we were caught in the act of marketing. That picture was posted to the River, and their social media. The same thing happened last year from QRock. After creating 3 months worth of memes; we were able to get on their station, and they now have a local hour. The hour highlights artists from all over the suburbs. We want a similar avenue with the River. Help us open that pathway between bigger radio, and locals. 
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    Created by Joseph Brunker
  • Unacceptable Living Conditions at Chase Arbor Apartments
     Petition Against Chase Arbor Apartments for Negligence in Maintenance and Property Care We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens, hereby petition against Chase Arbor Apartments for their consistent negligence in maintaining the property and ensuring a safe, clean, and habitable living environment for tenants. Chase Arbor Apartments has long been an integral part of our community, providing housing to numerous families, individuals, and students. However, over the past several months (or years), there has been a noticeable decline in the quality of maintenance and care of the property. Despite numerous complaints and requests for repairs, management has failed to address these issues in a timely and effective manner. **Issues of Concern:** 1. **Poor Maintenance Response:**    - Requests for essential repairs, such as plumbing, electrical issues, and HVAC maintenance, are often ignored or delayed for weeks, causing significant inconvenience and potential health hazards to residents. 2. **Unsafe Living Conditions:**    - Broken stairways,and inadequate lighting in common areas pose serious safety risks.    - Persistent mold growth and pest infestations have not been properly addressed, despite repeated complaints. 3. **Neglected Common Areas:**    - The swimming pool, gym, and other communal facilities are often in disrepair and not regularly cleaned, limiting their usability.    - Landscaping is poorly maintained, with overgrown grass, untrimmed bushes,  poison ivy, and litter creating an unsightly and unwelcoming environment. 4. **Lack of Communication:**    - Management is frequently unresponsive to emails, phone calls, and in-person visits, leaving residents without clear information or resolution timelines for their concerns. **Impact on Residents:** The ongoing negligence has significantly affected the quality of life of the residents. Many are living in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, leading to stress and a sense of helplessness. The overall community morale has deteriorated, and the property value is likely to decline if these issues are not addressed promptly. **Our Demands:** 1. **Immediate Action:**    - Promptly address all outstanding maintenance requests, prioritizing those related to safety and health.     2. **Regular Maintenance Schedule:**    - Implement a reliable and transparent schedule for regular maintenance and inspections of all facilities and common areas.     3. **Improved Communication:**    - Establish a clear and effective communication channel between management and residents, ensuring that all concerns are acknowledged and addressed in a timely manner.     4. **Accountability:**    - Hold the property management accountable for their negligence and ensure that they uphold their responsibility to provide a safe and well-maintained living environment. **Conclusion:** We believe that every resident deserves to live in a clean, safe, and well-maintained community. By signing this petition, we call upon the management of Chase Arbor Apartments to take immediate and decisive action to rectify these issues and restore the quality of living that residents rightfully expect and deserve. **Supporting Evidence:** - Photos of neglected areas and unsafe conditions. - Copies of maintenance requests and any correspondence with management. - Testimonials from affected residents. This petition represents a collective plea for action and improvement. We hope that the management will take our concerns seriously and work towards creating a better living environment for all.   Residents should be compensated for all of the issues they have been facing at Chase Arbor Apartments. The condition of  the apartment complex breaks lease terms and breaks code in the city of Virginia. Renovations should take place and macitence needs should be met. If you have experienced cosmetic issues with apartments, A/C issue's, mold, leaks, bugs or fires please sign. If you have issues with the overflowed trash, mice , dirty and broken pool and the non AC in the gym please sign. said you know anybody going through this please sign. 
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    Created by Demi Wiggs
  • Act Now to Sound the Alarm on Nukes at the Presidential Debates!
    Global tensions have rarely been so high, and nuclear-armed countries, including the United States, are likely to expand their arsenals in response — and push the world closer to a breaking point. At the first debate, I urge you to ask the candidates, “How will you work to reduce nuclear tensions as President?”
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • Call on Congress: Skip Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Speech!
    Extending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an invitation to address a joint session of Congress as he wages a brutal war in Gaza undermines efforts to secure a desperately needed ceasefire and bring the hostages home. I urge you to skip the speech.
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • Save Parks & Recreation, Save Dog Church
    It has come to my attention that a portion of Maple Hill Park is planned to be taken over by Maple Hill Cemetery. I strongly request that you reconsider this decision. The athletic fields of Maple Hill park are greatly enjoyed by the surrounding neighborhoods particularly among dog owners. The high housing density and small lot sizes in both Five Points and Blossomwood mean this park is a wonderful place to let our pets run off leash. In fact, a 12 year tradition of 8:00 AM "Dog Church" has been communing every Sunday to enjoy this beautiful field. Additionally I and others use the athletic fields for frisbee, soccer, picnics and other activities. I humbly emplore the city to not only preserve this green space as a recreational park, but perhaps even augment it into an official dog park. This beautiful field was an old rock quarry and is surrounded on three sides with rock walls covered in greenery. Additionally it has a wonderful year-round spring that with a little stone work would be a wonderful water feature for both man and animal alike.  Please keep the athletic fields as part of the Huntsville Parks and Recreation and not give it over to Maple Hill Cemetery.
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    Created by Ben Payment
  • Faith communities for IVF and reproductive freedom!
    For decades, faith has been weaponized to oppose and restrict reproductive rights and freedom, from abortion to contraception. And now it's being used to attempt to restrict in vitro fertilization. In light of the Southern Baptists Convention’s vote opposing IVF, we’re speaking out together to demonstrate that a broad, diverse, and powerful coalition of people across faiths support IVF and reproductive freedom, and to urge Congress and local elected officials to protect all of our rights. 
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    Created by Karli Wallace Thompson