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To: Colorado Voters

Step Down Colorado Governor Polis for not taxing Oil and Gas #stepdownpolis

Step Down Colorado Governor Polis for not taxing Oil and Gas #stepdownpolis

Once this crisis has passed, it is time to pressure Colorado governor Jared S. Polis to step down and be investigated for oil and gas corruption. Former governor John Hickenlooper and his successor, Polis, have neglected to collect taxes from the Colorado oil and gas industry to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. We believe this is not an "oopsie" from these pro-industry figures. Fracking is already a crime to the environment, yet these two criminals have let staggering amounts of tax revenue slide. This is not a partisan motivated action suggesting Polis be replaced by a republican but rather self policing occurrence that ALL citizens should be involved in. The era of these outrageous abuses by the powerful is over-especially as our lives are now threatened by their corrupt ways. Sign like your life depends on it!!

Why is this important?

We are in a pandemic crisis and the state could have desperately used that money for ventilators, healthcare resources and costs and for relief to the many citizens impacted by our state economy stalled and even collapsing.


2020-04-01 03:04:14 -0400

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