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To: The Legislation Senate, Congress, State Representative

Wayne County and All Government Employees Bill for Hazard pay

Wayne County and All Government Employees  Bill for Hazard pay

Create a bill for Hazard pay to be paid for any hazardous working conditions. The amount of the Hazard pay will have to be negotiated still. But the everyday danger of incorrect material. Weather conditions or waste or health crisis faced should not be.

Why is this important?

Because now its a matter of fighting for money to pay us for everday work function. A function that can take us away from our family. An uninsured family left to fill a void unrecognized for the danger of a everyday regular job, with either environmental, health, material,equipment, chemical,or natural dangers involved.

Reasons for signing

  • I started and signed this petition because. I worked for government for 30 years now. We have and are facing danger and in the short fall did not receive hazard pay, after the Federal government assigned money for hazard pay for us the named essential workers. Anyone that kept working was an essential worker! So pay them don't use negotiations as a tool to keep money that was given to the employee of any type. Money that was governed to assist for a job done that put the employee in harms way.
  • because workers have rights
  • Support our workers and prove your loyalty to the people or suffer the consequences. We will be watching how you vote!


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