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MoveOn believes the public should follow the CDC's mask and vaccine guidance, including in schools, workplaces, and health care settings to protect public health and the economy.

To: Petitioning to Government officials And Governor Jared Polis

Against Re-opening Salons / Personal Services by April 27th, May 1st, or before it is safe

Petition to postpone the reopening, during the coronavirus pandemic, of any and all salons or personal services until it is deemed safe for salon owners, staff/contractors, and the clients that utilize these services.

Prolong the opening of any and all personal services as long as necessary in order to protect the community from further spread of the Covid-19 so we do not cause a back peddle on all the work the stay at home order has accomplished.

Prolong re-opening and or create financial aid and support options if the stay at home order is lifted for any and all personal services providers who feel it is unsafe to re-open or have high-risk family members at home and / or the service providers themselves are high risk. Financial aid options may remain available to those who are uncertain, afraid, and unable to return to work for various reasons in hopes to prevent loss of financial aid options for business owners, contractors, and service providers.

Prolong the opening of any and all personal services to prevent exposure to those who may be high risk. Examples: service providers, clients, and family members at home

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Why is this important?

By signing this petition we agree, though we may need the income, the risk is still too high and unknown. We are signing this petition to postpone the “Soft Opening”, "One Client at a Time", and to prolong the opening of any and all personal services to prevent spread and unsafe environments for the personal care service providers and clients.

"Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others" - CDC

How can we maintain the recommended safe distance of 6 foot while performing a service that requires direct physical contact with clients? Service providers and clients / guests are usually a maximum distance of one foot or less while performing / receiving these services.

How can we guarantee safety and prevention of spreading the coronavirus in a salon when it is not currently guaranteed for those who are on the front-line in the medical field with proper PPE. If personal service providers had PPE how would this have an effect on the supplies for the medical professionals who need the PPE for patients and themselves?

In the link above from The United States Department Of Labor for hazard recognition you will see these services would be defined as "HIGH EXPOSURE RISK" based off of the close proximity to perform personal services. Personal Services are not listed but the examples of exposure are.

Personal care services are NOT essential services, as personal care services are a “LUXURY SERVICE”. No ones hair, nails, massages, facials, eyelashes, eyebrows, or other personal care service are above the risk of life lost. Personal care services do not provide BASIC HUMAN NEED. Personal care services are an important and unique services, but are not essential. Essential services should only include the well being of human health, safety, nutrition, utilities, home safety, and basic human needs or necessities. Personal Care services are not basic human needs nor necessary. If there are for health reasons then they should only be performed by the health care facilities.

Opening these services may cause crowds and gatherings of more than 10 people at a time. This could also have more than 10 people in the same facility in a day which could cause potential spread.

The Covid-19 is still very new, unpredictable, and still not fully understood. The CDC has yet to completely determine how to fully prevent spread, infection, a cure, or a vaccination to protect humanity as a whole. It would be best to remain closed temporarily and prolong the reopening of any and all personal care to reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus and causing another spike or backpedal of all that has been accomplished by the social distancing. If and when we are deemed safe to re-open personal care services then we should be one of the last business types and services to open due to our need to be in close proximity of one another to perform such services.

Many of us have clients with health issues like cancer, emphysema, diabetes, and more. If we are to re-open, how are we guaranteed that we will not be infected by a client and unknowingly spread the coronavirus to others? If we are to re-open, clients must trust that it is safe for them to come in for services.

Even with adhering to a strict cleaning and decontamination policy, how can we guarantee that clients won’t contract the coronavirus? It is human nature to forget, get side tracked, and even skip a step unconsciously. What if our human nature can cause risk? What if a simple touch to an unsanitized surface causes a person to get sick? What if a simple sneeze while wearing a mask is not filtered enough as we stand / sit over one another? What if someone forgets a simple sanitation step? There are too many unknown variables and what if's to reopen at this time. As said above it is impossible to keep a safe social distance based off of the CDS's recommendation when we have to touch clients / guests to perform personal care services in less than a 6 foot distance even while wearing a mask. It is also almost impossible to follow the OSHA safety and sanitation guidelines as personal care service providers that do not have PPE attire. Personal Care Service providers would also need the proper training to learn all that these guidelines entail prior to opening which would not be possible in a short period of time.

For the professionals in the personal care service industry, many have families that need to be protected as some are high risk to Covid-19. The business owners and service providers may have family members at home with underlying health issues. The service providers do not want to risk their own health or the health of their families by taking an unnecessary risk of bringing this virus home if the mandated orders are lifted prior to more facts of a guarantied safety or lower risk of spread.

If personal care services are called to re-open the service providers will lose other financial aid and/or help from companies like the utilities, mortgage / rent, car payments, Unemployment, SBA loans, PPP loans, and more. These financial options are currently understanding of the pandemic and are willing to work with personal care providers. This is helping us stay home, safe, prevention of spread to high risk family members, high risk clients / guest, all while preventing the risk of losing their businesses and or job opportunities.

How it will be delivered

On Social Media, news outlets, and any and all means in hopes to reach our government officials.

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