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To: Mayors & Councilmen

End Homelessness & Poverty while Rebuilding the Economy

I want to clean up the streets around the world and End Homelessness I want to give the local businesses peace by not building shelters but instead creating a system that will allow them to be placed in areas out of the downtown market where they can get the right rehabilitation methods to be put back into society as stabilized human beings and given the respect they deserve we are all human and we all deserve a voice, I want to give the local businesses their peace and clientele back and the homeless the ability to better theirselves with help in an environment that’s conducive to handling them while I work to continue creating innovative and effective methods to keep them in the workplace so that we can end poverty for good.

Why is this important?

This issue is affecting everyone from tourist to communities to families to business owners and overall the economy. This problem has given me the opportunity to understand how to handle the issue effectively and efficiently everyone has voice and nothing will change if no one isn’t listening on how to create solutions that will not mask the problem but remove it. I've heard and seen the frustration and this has allowed me to be able to understand how to make the correct choices for the homeless community and the business owners we are all crying out for something to be done this is a change for good it will allow us to get back what Covid-19 has taken away from our communities and rebuild our economy.

How it will be delivered

Through emails and in person



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