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To: City of Miami


With the closing of restaurants and bars state-wide as of March 17th, many hardworking people will be left jobless for a month or more. Given the amount of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, we can't be sure when life will return back to "normal." In order to support our communities during this difficult time, we are demanding a rent moratorium NOW in Miami and in surrounding areas in order to help ease the economic impact of sudden joblessness being experienced by so many through no fault of their own. Servers, bartenders, & everyone in the industry across the state understand the importance of social-distancing, self-isolation, and flattening the curve. We are now asking our community and elected officials to understand that in order for these policies to be effective, special consideration must be given to those who will bear the economic burden of our response to a pandemic.

Why is this important?

During the COVID-19 crisis, we all have a responsibility towards our communities to keep ourselves healthy and avoid situations that can spread the virus. As of March 17th, the state of Florida will close all bars, nightclubs and restaurants in order to help us uphold that responsibility. While this is a step in the right direction regarding public health, the effects of these sweeping business closures affect the livelihood of thousands of Florida residents that rely on front-of-house restaurant, club/bar work or tips to make ends meet. Without a plan in place to supplement the income of these workers, and with no guarantee that unemployment benefits will provide the relief people need in a city with one of the highest costs of living in the country, we demand a moratorium on rent collection NOW. Hard-working people are going to suffer at the expense of the greater good. While we don't deny the importance of instituting these closures, we would be ashamed and heartbroken to watch our government let people who rely on restaurant work, work in the entertainment industry (clubs/bars) face evictions, blows to their credit, or be backed into a corner financially through no fault of their own.
As a full-time waitress in the nightlife industry this is my sole source of income. For so many of my friends and family in the industry, as well, tips are their MAIN source of income. Simply providing people with an unemployment payment or temporary paid leave at minimum wage would not be enough to cover their typical expenses. We need Miami and Florida as a whole to put a moratorium on rent NOW in order to preserve the livelihood of so many hardworking people both in the restaurant industry and in other affected industries during this time of crisis.


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