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To: All girls who have to deal with the dress code problem!

Girls dress code for all schools

Girls dress code for all schools

I want them to change the dress codes for all schools and stop treating us girls/women like we are objects if we show a bit of skin then it does matter it shouldn’t be such a problem!

Why is this important?

Girls are always treated like objects and it’s not ok if we show some skin then it’s wrong but then we get ISS if and have to cover in duck tape too it’s not ok girls populate this world and all we get in return is these stupidly high expectation standards and ofc we get punished when we do anything that isn’t in these expectations girls are already objectified enough and we deserve more respect for everything we all have to go through and I know for a fact that half of the adults now tried to wear stuff kinda like how we do today and then we’re told they couldn’t and then got mad don’t let y’all’s past control our lives are y’all wearing what we chose to wear no we wear what we are comfortable in and what we chose so don’t go making us be something we aren’t girls all over are being punished for wearing something and for expressing them selves it’s not ok for how girls are treated some girls can get away with wearing skirts and shorts and anything else showing skin but half the other girls get punished for it is ridiculous for how higher these standards are for girls! I could go on and on and on about the whole dress code situation but I wanna get at least maybe 100 or 200 signs from other girls who agree ever from any other schools it can be honestly any women who agrees with me and my school cause this isn’t ok! More people can sign if they want to but honestly I just want people who agree to sign!


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