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To: The DNC

Open Letter to the DNC: You Cheat, We Bust

Dear DNC,

If you continue to cheat the American people out of a Bernie Sanders nomination, millions of voters will become disgusted with our political system and sit the 2020 presidential election out.

If you cheat, millions will refuse to play the game.

If you cheat, you ensure four more years of Donald Trump.

Should you rig the primaries to benefit Buttigieg or your other billionaire-backed establishment candidates, you will lose the support of millions of voters. You will lose the public trust. You will destroy faith in our democracy.

Should you cheat, we all lose.

And we cannot afford to lose.

We are in this together.

With Bernie leading us, we have the kind of broad popular support we need to defeat Donald Trump. Without him, we do not.

Without Bernie, the DNC will lose the support and the energy and the momentum generated by the thousands of young people all across America, and people of all colors and ages, who are building a grassroots campaign to support Senator Bernie Sanders, whose platform will help their communities survive.

Medicare4All is about survival. A $15 minimum wage is about about survival. Immigrant rights is about survival. A Green New Deal is about survival.

This election is a life or death situation for millions of people, for our democracy, for the planet. This is a high stakes game.

Before you interfere in the primaries to push a corporate agenda, think again. Before you stand in the way of Bernie and his progressive platform, think again. Before you stand in the way of access to a college education, healthcare, and a livable world, think again.

Think very carefully.

The future of many lives, and even the future of life on Earth, hangs in the balance.

If you cheat, we will all regret your decision.

Don't do it.

Or we will face another Trump term.

We will face more kids in cages and family separations. We will face more rollbacks of women's rights and of LGBTQ protections. We will face more lives lost to inadequate access to healthcare. We will suffer more environmental devastation and mass-extinction of endangered species. We will become sickened by the continued contamination of drinking water supplies, and accelerated climate change and natural disasters. We will continue the lack of equal opportunity in education and housing, and face increasing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, white nationalism, and the rise of fascism.

And you will undoubtedly face the wrath, the ridicule, and the ire of millions of Americans, whom you will have cheated out of education, healthcare, and a livable world.

Your corporate donors don't suffer if we lose to Trump--they benefit economically under his administration. It is we who will pay the ultimate price: your constituents.

Listen to the voice of the people. Respect our VOTE.

The millions of American people who support Bernie Sanders and who demand Medicare4All, Free Public College, Immigration Reform, and a Green New Deal.

Why is this important?

The DNC believes it can cheat the people out of a Sanders presidency, and win.

It can cheat, but it cannot cheat and win.

You cheat, we lose. You cheat, we bust.

Choose wisely. The world is depending on it.


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