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To: LA PLUM Committee/Councilman Mike Bonin

Support the only Women Of Color cannabis healing dispensary in Venice Beach!

Currently there are no cannabis businesses in Venice, California owned by women of color and the community is monopolized by white male corporate dispensaries. The cannabis social equity program in Los Angeles was created to help stop this inequity. Two professional and experienced women of color have applied and have received unanimous support from the Venice Neighborhood Council and the Land Use and Planning Committee. The PLUM (Planning Land Use Management) committee has not put this application on the agenda for Cannabis Vision Partners. This team of extraordinary women must now reapply with no end in sight after two years since applying originally. Women and people of color in Venice must be represented in this industry and the will of the voters and the Venice Neighborhood Council must be honored.

Why is this important?

When one of the founding members of Cannabis Vision Partners discovered her mother had breast cancer there was no where she could take her mother to for a safe, knowledgeable and comfortable experience at a dispensary. This was 14 years ago. Today not much has changed. We now have "apple store" style dispensaries and not one but TWO MedMen dispensaries approved by LA city council to operate in Venice, but none of them cater to women's needs and none of them are owned by women and certainly not women of color. Women and particularly women of color are the most disadvantaged when it comes to healthcare and almost invisible when it comes to natural healing. The needs of women and women of color are not being met in health and in business. One of the fastest growing industries is cannabis and currently the community of Venice Beach is being dominated and monopolized by greedy male corporations- essentially keeping out any women and especially women of color. This is a healing industry and the need for women focused healing is being neglected and we need change. You can make a difference for all women of color who choose to heal themselves with natural medicine and not with addictive pharmaceuticals and for women who want to make a difference in their communities. It all starts with someone like you who cares about women's needs.

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