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To: US Senate & Mitch McConnell

Vote of No Confidence - Republican Party

The Citizens of the US who have signed this petition have become saddened to see where the Republican party is today. The current party seems to be more about "revenge" & "not allowing the Democrats to push through their agenda" than in working together for the betterment of the country.
The people of this country have elected a Democratic president based on the agenda he put forth during his campaign & the American people, by their vote, agreed to his agenda. By your failure to compromise, and your working against the Democratic agenda at every turn, simply BECAUSE it's a democratic idea, you are doing the exact opposite of what the people voted for.
As such, each year, your credibility, and our confidence in your party, has dropped. The past four years have been the worst as the false claims of election fraud have caused a serious break from from our democracy, and a serious breach of your oath of office.

We ask that you look at the polls while you make decisions in the Senate & take under advisement what the people's wishes are. In doing so, perhaps you can gain back some of the credibility you are losing each year. We elected you to represent us... Not to fight the House of Representatives just because you are of different parties. Please show you are big enough to put aside those differences & play nicely in the sandbox to get things done.

Why is this important?

This country cannot move forward while Blue and Red continue infighting. Something must be done.
Republican Senate leaders have been known to say they will not vote for anything just because the Democrats put it forth. This, coming from a man as old as Mitch McConnell, and being agreed to by the others in the same party, is ludicrous. We did not elect them to play games.
The censuring of senators for not voting the way they want them to (for having minds of their own) is also a very telling indicator that the Republican party is more concerned that their members play "follow the leader" than think for themselves. The people who voted for each senator did so for the purpose of looking out for their interest... Not so they can sit around, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and thinking about how they can get back at the unpopular members of their group, or play tit-for-tat with the Dems.
Pointing fingers, blaming each other, and threatening "if you do that, we'll do this" makes every single one of you look like a playground bully!


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