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To: Maryland State & Local Legislators

We Need an Anti-Price Gouging Law in Maryland NOW!

Price gouging occurs when sellers take advantage of an emergency situation and raise prices of goods that consumers need. We need a law in Maryland that explicitly defines price gouging and protects consumers from this unethical practice.

Why is this important?

On June 11th, 11 churches joined together to provide $25,000 in free gas in Prince George's County to provide direct aid to the community. Organizers were discouraged to learn that Sunoco Gas Station on Marlboro Pike increased the price per gallon by 10 cents during the event- and immediately lowered the price after. Currently, in Laurel, MD residents are receiving rent increases from $400.00 - $1600.00 as well as parking fees of varying amounts depending on rental seniority & Schweb Partners LLC based in Jackson, NJ claims this is market value for their units.

Blatant exploitation and price gouging are unacceptable when our community is struggling to make ends meet, Maryland needs explicit anti-price gouging legislation to protect our citizens from industry greed.


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