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To: Rep. Tom Tiffany

Calling to BOOT Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin

We are asking Rep. Tom Tiffany to resign from his position. Mr. Tiffany is unsafe for Wisconsin! During COVID-19 Pandemic he did not and does not support Governor Evers in his efforts to protect the health of Wisconsinites.

Today 06/24/2020 Tom Tiffany called for the resignation of our beloved Governor Evers. It is time Wisconsinites take a stand against bullies like Tiffany.

Tom Tiffany is just not safe for Wisconsin!

Why is this important?

Tom Tiffany is not a team player! He is concerned about Tom and what Tom wants ONLY. It is time to get rid of Toxic Tom and protect Wisconsinites.

It is time to show FULL Support for the Governor Wisconsinites elected. It is time other politicians respect and work with the man WE the Citizens of Wisconsin elected. Mr. Tiffany is only one example of those who refuse to work with officials that Wisconsinites elected.

This is unsafe for Wisconsin. We need a government that works together for it's citizens.


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