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To: Senator Maggie Hassan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congressman Chris Pappas and Congresswoman Annie Kuster

Reject Mitch "The Reaper" McConnell and the GOP's obstruction

Reject Mitch "The Reaper" McConnell and the GOP's obstruction

Add your name to our letter calling upon our representatives in Washington to stand strong in their support of every initiative that will improve the lives of the American People; healthcare, increased wages, COVID relief, immigration reform, education funding, tax reform, the Green New Deal. We have an opportunity to make important changes, and we know the Republicans are going to try to block all of it; encourage our representatives to resist Republican pressure to back down.

Why is this important?

The New Hampshire Progressive Coalition is deeply disappointed, though not at all surprised, by the decision by a majority of Republicans in the US Senate to acquit Donald Trump of the crimes for which he is obviously and demonstrably guilty.

This acquittal, undertaken by a group of officials who were not only jurors and judges, but also witnesses to and victims of the charged crime, should drive home an understanding among people of good will that the Republican party as a whole has abandoned all semblance of decency, fairness, and fealty to the rule of law and the tenets of democracy.

Given the behavior of the Republicans, and taking them at their word, we fully expect the GOP to be as resistant as possible to any and every initiative that the Biden Administration and the Democrats propose. Though Democrats hold a majority, it is a slim one that requires that all Democratic representatives and senators #LinkArms and stand together.

How it will be delivered

Digitally and physically to the NH Offices of Delegation.


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