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To: Lawmakers, the news media, and President Trump

We can't address COVID-19 due to PORK SPENDING-Lawmakers-Grant Trump spending cuts request

CONSERVATIVES "Listen Up": (Liberals, there's something for you too--scroll down)

EMERGENCY! GOP lawmakers (actually ALL lawmakers) need to grant Trump spending cuts request to free up funding, address COVID-19/Coronavirus Nat'l Emergency! (As well as fund the US Post Office which will run out of money this summer if not funded.) Sign THIS petition, AND SHARE-downloading/republishing, if you like. See front-page news of & for details/proof. PRESIDENT TRUMP, remember when you called for "loan limits" (spending cuts) using Tax$$ to make/guarantee Student Loans as widely reported? Well, Student Debt, at almost $2 TRILLION, is almost TEN (10%) PERCENT of total U.S. Debt: $2t ÷ 20t or so: TEN PERCENT! This PORK isn't STUDENT AID: Colleges simply raise tuition to match increased borrowing abilities: Hurts TAXPAYER (who pays for this) & Hurts STUDENT (who is PRICE-GOUGED). We need to STOP this PORK BARREL WASTE! -NOW!
A "trillion" is a MILLION Millions -- has TWELVE (12) ZEROS, hello!?

PREDICTION: We WILL crash the U.S. Dollar if this PORK SPENDING isn't cut as Pres. Trump requested last March: “Trump Proposes Limits On Student Loan Borrowing,” By Zack Friedman, FORBES, Tue. March 19, 2019, LINK:

LIBERALS: This may not seem like your "cup of tea," but look at bottom of page 2 here:.

Did you see that? I'm calling for the return of Bankruptcy Uniformity for STUDENT LOANS, as the U.S. Constitution guarantees in Art.1, Sec.8, Cl.4, the Uniformity Clause. (Look at bottom of page 2, and following!) I "make the case" that STUDENT LOAN BANKRUPTCY is a Conservative "Free Market" CHECK on Excessive/Predatory lending, & would FORCE DOWN lending via "Market Pressures," making the Trump cuts request easier! Notably, while I personally am not "for" total Loan Cancellation aka Forgiveness, myself, I do prove that, should the Federal Gov't cancel ALL federally-held student loans, it would cost almost NO taxpayer dollars & add almost NOTHING to U.S. Debt-- WHY? ANSWER: Because Obama-era policies in the ACA PURCHASED said toxic loans, and we OWN (not guarantee) almost ALL student loans--thus have ALREADY PAID them off in full! As most students aren't in repayment--because of obscene price-gouging, there'd be a "small dip" in payments, but the "shock" to the lender (you! Mr/Mrs Taxpayer!) would force down lending--saving Trillions long-term. Plus, if you look closely, I show my Christian Conservative friends the popular “Jubilee Forgiveness” described in the Holy Bibles of many claiming to be Christian: Deuteronomy 15:1-2a, Deut. 15:1-11, and Leviticus 25:13.--something God's people did every seven (7) years!

Again, while I, as a "Conservative," personally oppose "100% Loan Forgiveness" (on Personal Responsibility grounds), nonetheless, even this (much less H.R.2648 and S.1414, the Student Loan bankruptcy bills) would cost almost NO tax$$, adding almost NOTHING to U.S. Debt (as do most of the recent "rescue" bills, $1,200.oo checks, etc.). BUT they'd be an "Economy Stimulus" for the poorest--many students who have paid back 3 or 4 times their Student Loan principle yet STILL owe--they should be forgiven. Period. USURY is immoral.

* CONSERVATIVES & the 143.3 Million or so Angry Taxpayers: Do you support Trump? Then download a copy of my petition, share, republish, post--and most-importantly, CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS, demanding they grant Trump's spending cuts request--or else we WILL crash the U.S. Dollar.

* LIBERALS & College students, & 44.7 MILLION Student Loan borrowers: You know that my petition helps you (albeit in a Conservative way). SHARE, and demand change, as you see fit, from your lawmakers.

* Rich LIBERAL Colleges, Banks, and over-paid University Presidents, Million-dollar coaches, etc.: This petition MANY NOT be your "cup of tea," but be brave-sign & share!

* CLOSING WORDS: "Signing" MY petition ISN'T for the faint-hearted: You must both SIGN (here) AND contact (phone, e-mail, Facebook, visit, etc.) YOUR LAWMAKERS (Senators, Members of Congress, & NEWS MEDIA), so lazy people--not for you. But my methods are the ones that work. SIGN - SHARE - REPUBLISH - Contact your lawmakers, & press --and let me know how it turns out.

This is an historic time for you to go down in history "on the 'right' side of history" and avert a Crash of the U.S. Dollar! - Freeing up much-needed funding for COVID-19, U.S. Post Office, infrastructure, etc., while driving DOWN the "COST$ of College" to make it affordable (like it was just a few decades ago).

This is your problem. Help us to solve it.
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Why is this important?

Are you 'OK' if the U.S. Dollar crashes because we can't stop Pork Barrel spending on rich, Liberal over-paid colleges?

Are you "OK" with skyrocketing tuition, & oppressive Student Debt?

If you're 'OK' with both of these, then this petition might not be your cup of tea, old chap! Otherwise, READ, GET MAD, SIGN, SHARE, & contact lawmakers, news media, & even is Open For Business. (Don't forget to look up your lawmakers' phone numbers, Facebook, etc. And THEIR contact links on THEIR "dot gov" websites.)

This is YOUR problem, and it's not gonna solve itself; the rich elite who rape via excess taxing/spending are counting on you to be lazy, ignorant, apathetic, & "asleep at the wheel." (Are you?)