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To: Mesa County Health Department

Enforce Mask Mandate at Mesa Mall

Require Mesa Mall Management to Enforce the Mask Mandate through the whole of Mesa Mall.

Why is this important?

Covid-19 is spreading fast and hard through Mesa County. Many people are still not taking the threat seriously. It is putting employees, tenants, and guests at a ridiculously high risk of catching and spreading the virus. The effects are dangerous and deadly and we have a moral and social imparative to do what we can to keep each other safe. The Mesa Mall is responsible for the safety of those who enter it's walls. If they can't provide a safe place for people to work, shop, and visit, then they should shut down for the health and safety of our community.


2020-12-11 00:47:39 -0500

500 signatures reached

2020-12-08 17:41:53 -0500

255! I am blown away! <3 If we make it to 1000, I am throwing a social distance party! Thank you all!!!

2020-12-07 20:00:20 -0500

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2020-12-07 17:37:39 -0500

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2020-12-07 17:25:10 -0500

40 in an hour! 💗 Woot! Keep it up and share this like crazy! Maybe we can save some lives! 💖

2020-12-07 17:01:10 -0500

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2020-12-07 16:50:00 -0500

20 signature and shares already!? 😳😄 Faith in humanity is being restored! Thank you!

2020-12-07 16:42:54 -0500

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