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To: The DNC

Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak

Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak

The DNC has decided to warmly embrace Republicans / former Republicans John Kasich and Mike Bloomberg while only giving AOC 60 seconds to speak. Progressives won 40% of their primaries this year and we demand recognition. We are a huge part of this party and to see us being soundly rejected in favor of those who brought Trump to power is not okay. We demand that AOC, Pressley, Jayapal and other progressive thought leaders be given the mic. We demand representation that reflects the representation that America is currently voting for

Everyone was in their feelings about representation this week and yet we still have populations of people without it and the opportunity to provide it. It only makes sense that everyone is represented. They can’t find one more minute?

Why is this important?

Progressives have been sidelined by the DNC for far too long. The people have spoken and they favor progressive politics. We will not allow our party to be taken over by never Trumpers. We believe in healthcare as a human right, a wealth tax, criminal justice reform, and so does America. We refuse to be pushed aside.


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