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To: Residents of California



Vote. Vote. VOTE! It is within your power to ensure that the Trump-loving Republicans in California do not succeed in the recall of our Democratic Governor, Gavin Newsom. This is more than a petition, which is essentially useless at this juncture — it is a CALL TO ACTION. Please remind your friends, family, colleagues, fellow worshipers, community group members, students, and neighbors to VOTE NO in September. It’s right around the corner!

Why is this important?

We don’t have the luxury of hanging up on reality. There is so much at stake: Healthcare, poverty, racial equity, public safety, housing, social programs — the list goes on.

We cannot let the Conservative party win and implement policies that sow hate and division and take away what we have worked so hard for. The party that embraces Trump and all that he stands for — xenophobia, racism, classism, white supremacy, extremism, snd so much more. Their top candidate is a Trump Republican who will unravel all that is good in our State, including the progress that we have made. The struggle for equity and dismantling of hate will be under attack.

If you still aren’t feeling the pressure — remember that the power of a governor is immense. Imagine meaningful legislation that we have advocated for never being signed into law. Our hands will be tied.

The poll results are in and show that if we don’t show up to vote, the recall will 100% happen.

If you do nothing else in this stressful year, please make it voting and reaching out to others to VOTE NO on the recall.

Please contact the author of this petition for details on how to GET INVOLVED and SPRED THE WORD. And vote. Vote. VOTE.
Kimberly Adams
[email protected]

How it will be delivered

Please distribute to all CA MoveOn members and beyond.


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