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To: Progressive members of Congress and other similar movements.

An Introduction To Three Critical Solutions

To pass and sign into law a stand-alone bill (unencumbered by lobbyists tack-on dilutions) which would require seven years of tax returns from all viable candidates for the Presidency and that the FBI be required to run Top Security Clearance checks on ALL viable candidates for the office of the Presidency, as well as ALL viable members of the Senate, ALL viable members of the House of Representatives, and ALL of the current and viable future justices on the US Supreme Court. These security checks would critically include testing for socio-psychopathic characteristics based on tests developed for such purposes by the research department of the internationally recognized expert, Dr. Robert Hare, Ret.

Why is this important?

On January 1, 2021, I will be 77 years old. For most of my early life, I had but a passing interest in politics. That dramatically changed with the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963! A few weeks later, after I saw Life Magazine’s detailed color pictures of the Zapruder film showing the President’s head and brains being blown BACKWARD after being shot in the face, and NOT being shot from behind – as declared fact by the Warren Commission Report – I began my personal search to find out who, why, and how my government was intentionally lying to all of us then, and forward to this very day.
Initially, since there was no Internet for the first three decades, my search was slow and labor intensive. However, with the advent of the Internet, my searches became much more productive. I attempted to find answers relating to politicians, other governments, the CIA, the Mafia, bankers, etc., and was about to give up on finding a satisfying answer until, about a dozen years ago, I found and read an article titled, Beware The Psychopath, My Son.
After reading that article, I came to the forehead slapping realization that for all of those years I was expecting to find my answers among groups of people and all the while it was the commonality of the mental composition – of specific powerful men WITHIN those groups! It was the key which almost instantly answered so many more questions than I had ever even begun to consider. It answered political questions, economic questions, legal questions, historical questions, sociological questions, racial questions, religion questions, media questions, sexism, rationalizations for wars and so much more!
I have spent the last decade confirming and expanding on my “discoveries” and last year I began what has become a three webpage explanation for all to read, absorb and then hopefully help usher through Congress a very specific bill into Federal law. So now, I would sincerely appreciate any feedback, criticism, questions, support and/or – at least pass this short introduction along to someone who may find it of interest.
Note: The above mentioned article, upon which all of my studies are based, is the first link on the first webpage listed below. That link begins with, “Research studies have shown …”.


Terry Sneller aka, Tarry Faster
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