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To: The American People

We will not let Donald Trump steal the election

We will not let Donald Trump steal the election

Trump has indicated that if he does not trust the election result to be legitimate he may not accept the results if he is declared the loser. This is unacceptable and totally contrary to our Constitution and the rule of law.

I would like to invite my fellow Americans of goodwill regardless of political persuasion, regardless of party affiliation to join me in pledging to conduct a non-violent sit-in in front of the White House on the very day Trump rejects the results of the election. Should enough Americans heed the call to save our country, a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people in front of the "people's house" will make a powerful statement to Trump, the Washington political establishment and military leadership.

Why is this important?

The future of our democracy and country are at stake. In the past, Trump has ignored the rule of law; ignored subpoenas issued by Congress and defied countless policies and procedures of governance observed by previous administrations regardless of party. If he rejects the election results, Trump will ignore whatever the courts and Congress tell him he must do. WE THE PEOPLE will have to show him our determination to not let him defy the democratic process and the laws that have sustained our great republic for 244 years.