• Honoring America's Most Unsung Founding Father.
    Greetings: We need your help, as conscientious citizens, to stop impediments to having Banneker Overlook Park from being upgraded to a world class memorial by the Washington Interdependence Council. Our non-profit civic agency was authorized to establish the Banneker Memorial within the monumental core of the nation's capitol on November 6, 1998, with the enactment of P.L. 105-355. In September, 2010, Senator Roland Burris introduced bill S.3886, as an amended re-authorization to the original bill, with the only changes being two caveats calling for: 1) the statue of Banneker to be placed inside of Banneker Overlook Circle, and 2) the Benjamin Banneker Institute of Math & Science to be also placed inside of Banneker Overlook Park, aka, U.S. Reservation 719, at the southern terminus of the L'Enfant Plaza corridor. This site is sandwiched between the Mall and the southwest waterfront, with the waterfront undergoing a $2 billion renovation; and the Mall a $140 million renovation, all due for completion circa 2016. This is also the target date for the completion of the Banneker Memorial, in concert with the overall redesign of the area which has been renamed the new EcoDistrict. The reason the legislation made these two amendments to its original language is because everyone now wants to usurp this commemorative park for their own designs now that the area is being totally overhauled to become the new Cultural Center of the nation's capitol, tying the Mall and the new multi-billion dollar tri-state waterfronts together, with new and exciting cultural and real estate developments underway. Our organization worked arduously to secure a $138 million U.S. Dept. of Transp., TEA21 grant, disbursed entirely to DDOT, underwriting the basic renovation of the subject area to "make way for the Banneker Memorial" as stated in our Memorandum of Agreement with us and the partnering governmental agencies in January, 2000. However, the conspiracy by developers and others wishing to usurp the site is to sabotage, malign and destroy our agency, rendering us incapable of continuing our mission, so that we may walk away quietly into the night; enabling others to benefit from our 15 years of work and to siege the coveted site. In doing so, after more than two centuries of exclusion from proper recognition as a Founding Father, Mr. Banneker would continue to not receive the accolades he deserves as a colonial American hero, and our years of sacrifices and meeting daunting milestones will be lost forever. Our agency has also aspired to have Banneker's legacy serve to inspire our youth to believe that they can master the STEM disciplines; and for the Benjamin Banneker Institute of Math & Science Technology to serve as a prestigious academy to train our youth as leaders in the STEM disciplines at this coveted location, across from the new waterfront. Banneker Overlook Park is now 40 years old. It was established in 1971 when it was officially named in his honor as a result of the advocacy work of noted historian, Louise Hutchinson. We recently honored her, and commemorated the 40th Anniversary of this park during Black History Month. We can only continue on this commemorative path by having bill S.3886 redropped and passed by Congress or for President Obama to exercise his power of Executive Order by passing it into law. The bill does not call for funding, and with the continued support of conscientious American citizens, we can succeed with this important initiative. We thank you in advance for your support.
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    Created by Peggy Seats
  • No unlawful entry in Indiana!
    The Indiana Supreme Court recently passed a bill that states we the citizens do not have the right to resist unlawful police entry; this is obviously a right given to all Americans under the fourth amendment and this bill is blatantly unconstitutional.
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    Created by Brad Deaton
  • Stop Hatred in Media Against Islam/Muslims
    24/7, our American media[TV/Radio/internet/Papers/etc] & some radically-extremist politicians in our USA, are promoting Hatred[99 % with Lies] against Americans[Muslims. Recall that more than 95% of Blacks were Muslims when brought as slaves. Mr President was born as Muslim & his Father's family today is 100% Muslim]
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    Created by Arshad Ali Khan
  • African Activists to President Obama: "Free the Cuban Five"
    The Cuban Five are five Cuban men who are in U.S. prisons serving two life sentences and 96 years, collectively, after being wrongly convicted in the U.S. federal district court in Miami on June 8, 200l. The Cuban Five were accused by the US government of committing espionage consipracy against the US and other related changes. However, as the Five argued at their trial. they were only engaged in monitoring the actions of Miami-based anti-Cuba terrorist groups in order to prevent terroist attacks against Cuba. For more than 40 years, anti-Cuban terrorists groups based in Miami have engaged in countless terrorist actions against Cuba and against anyone who advocates normalization of relations between the US and Cuba. As a result of these actions, more than 3,000 Cubans have died. The Cuban Five's activities were never directed at the US government. The following open letter by African American, authored by long time activists, Joan P. Gibbs, Esq. and Rosemari Mealy, JD, Ph.D., and already endorsed by dozen of of other African American activists is being send to the Presient on June 5, 2011 as part of the international day of actions on the 5th of each month to Free the Cuban Five. .
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    Created by rosemari mealy JD, PhD
  • Justice for All in Cheltenham Township
    Cheltenham Area Residents for Equality (CARE) is working to enact a local Human Relations Commission ordinance in Cheltenham Township to guarantee basic human rights to all without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, genetic information, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial status, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, use of guide or support animals and/or mechanical aids. We hope you'll support our efforts. We CARE! For more information go to www.cheltenhamcares.blogspot.com
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    Created by David Flaks
  • Repeal the "Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act" End U.S. Government Supported Discrimination!
    We ask congress to repeal the ill-conceived "Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act". This act can force our K-12 public school systems, through coercive requirements, to provide access to: Updated - "Old Language"- (one of the most discriminatory groups left within the United States), "New Language"- (a group that continues to discriminate and allow chapters within its organization to continue to discriminate; important improvement has been made; still a way to go yet) under definitions or circumstances that we believe are far too generous, and intellectually unsound, especially when one considers the educational mission of our K-12 public school system and the documented discriminatory harms towards the LGBT student body/community that continue to occur. The areas in which the Boy Scouts of America discriminate, updated 5/24/13, is in their membership/participation criteria for Scout leadership, i.e. sexual orientation/religious affiliation/beliefs and Scout membership/participation, i.e. Religious affiliation/beliefs. Updated 8/19/15 - they remain an unacceptably discriminatory organization as they continue to allow individual chapters to discriminate based upon issues of sexual orientation, in regards to leadership positions. The BSA also continues to discriminate related to exclusionary membership policies based upon a person's religious orientation. This act provides material support to a group that embraces discriminatory processes not in keeping with the higher standards of our public educational systems, and has been, and may continue to be, a contributor to higher drop-out rates, harassment and unacceptable levels of discriminatory cultural bias in our K-12 Public Schools. We believe our K-12 Public School campuses should be discrimination-free zones. Repealing the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act would give these school districts back the tools they gained during the civil rights era, tools they lost after the passage of this "Act"... Tools they were using effectively right up to the point the government took these tools away... Tools used in a manner supported by decades of legal/supreme court decisions... Legal precedent that was thrown out into the street with the passage of this "Act"... Legal precedent that must be restored to their former prominence. Our Public Schools must be places of education, not propagandization. We find that this ongoing hypocrisy related to membership/leadership participation/selection is unhealthy and its intellectually dishonest basis, in our opinion, continues to undermine the very foundations of Scouting.
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    Created by Colin Stuart McCoy- The Sunrise Foundation
  • Democracy under Fire in Deerfield Beach, FL
    The City of Deerfield Beach is trampling on the Constitutional rights of it's minority residents by imposing a utility tax, while over 8,000 Americans in the minority district, District 2, are without an elected representative to speak for them. Due to state legislation and "home rule" these 8,000 Americans are seen not heard relating to items discussed and voted on at the Commission meetings and are therefore being effectively shut out of the political process a violation of the 14th Amendment. We ask that you help us tell the City's government that it is not okay to tread on our Constitutional rights for the sake of progress. We humbly ask that the City Commission and City Manager postpone all unnecessary legislative actions until all of the City’s residents are represented equally under the law.
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    Created by David L. Cody
    African Americans are decendents from the most dreaded time in America's history, slavery. Banks, corporations and America can trace it's wealth back to the enslavement of African Americans. After never receiving the 40 acres and a mule, (a means of compensation for the free labor that built the wealth of America), African Americans are in a state of poverty, poor education, poor health and permanent underclass status. It is time to give justice, reciprocity, and moral repair to our collective consciousness by granting reparations to our African American citizens.
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    Created by Tahira Ahmad
  • Stop the Ban on Affirmative Action: Say NO to State Question 759
    Oklahoma Legislature just passed a bill that will send an affirmative action BAN to the ballot in 2012. Affirmative action is described as: any measure that considers race, gender, disability, or veteran status that is adopted to provide opportunities to qualified individuals who have historically been denied opportunities and to prevent future occurrence. We do not believe opportunities will be available to some qualified people if this ban is passed.
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    Created by Jeanine Ridener
  • Rein in the TSA
    It's time to end the overly invasive violations of our freedoms imposed on us by the TSA. The scanners and invasive pat downs are not making us any safer, their effectiveness has not been illustrated at all. Our right to travel has now become a 'privilege' granted by the government. This loss of dignity imposed on us has severely damaged our moral character. We need to tell our elected representatives to stand up to this abuse and make it stop.
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    Created by Michael Akers
  • A.G. Holder: Strike Down FL's Voter Suppression Law.
    Floridians’ right to vote is under attack–again. What Rick Scott and Tallahassee politicians are attempting to do is change the rules of the game, leaving only their players on the field.
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    Created by Casey Dayhoff
  • Stop Scott Walker's attack on same-sex couples' rights.
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to undo a law that gives same-sex couples a few basic protections like visiting each other in the hospital, taking leave to care for a sick partner, and making end-of-life decisions. This isn't Walker's first anti-gay move. Before he was governor, he vetoed a county resolution to give benefits to county employees' same-sex partners, and he voted for a 2006 ban on same-sex marriage or substantially similar arrangements. Walker claims to oppose the new law on constitutional grounds, saying it violates the 2006 ban. But make no mistake: this isn't a principled stand like President Obama's decision not to defend DOMA – it's a political move by a man who's been undermining equality for years, including on the campaign trail. The new law doesn't violate the ban because it's not remotely similar to marriage; it doesn't even extend basic protections like joint tax filing or adoption. Walker needs to know the whole country is paying attention. Tell Governor Walker: Stop attacking same-sex couples!
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    Created by Human Rights Campaign (hrc.org)